How are HTML5 and Flash publications different?

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FlippingBook Publisher allows you to create both HTML5 and Flash publications. However, if you still use Flash, you should know that over 80% of your viewers may have problems accessing your documents.

The reason is that starting late 2016 the majority of browsers stopped supporting the Flash format, a technology we used to turn your PDFs into interactive flipbooks with. Adobe, the developer of Flash, has confirmed that they will discontinue the format by the end of 2020, but Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari have already disabled Flash by default.

As a result, your viewers don’t get the same reading experience you want them to. They either cannot access a flipbook at all, or they see a simplified version that looks like this:

As opposed to:

Starting version 2.8.3 that came out on November 30, 2016, FlippingBook Publisher supports the latest web standard, HTML5.

Publications created with HTML5 are supported across all browsers. They are much faster and better optimized for a variety of screens and devices. HTML5 is more secure, because the Flash plugin, an easy opening for many hackers, is no longer needed to view flipbooks. Also, we've recently introduced vector text support, which greatly improves the text quality in the publications and makes them look as good as the Flash ones. You can take a look at an HTML5 publication here.

We’d advise you to disable Flash in your browser and see how much it affects your publications. If you don’t like the result, we'd recommend updating your FlippingBook Publisher and moving your publications to HTML5. Here’s a tutorial on how to do it.

Below, you can find the answers to the frequently asked questions we receive on the subject.

What features do HTML5 publications have?

We’ve made sure that HTML5 publications have all the most important features that the Flash ones do. Yet, some features are not available: for example, Select text option, which will be added in the coming months.

Can I still use Flash publications?

Right now you are still able to use Flash for your flipbooks in case you really need one of the features that are not available yet. However, we are constantly adding new features to HTML5, and even if you’re using Flash now, we would strongly recommend you to switch to the new format. Also, ask yourself the question: is this feature more important than the ability of your audience to check and see your publication.

Can I convert my existing Flash publications to HTML5 automatically?

Sure you can! We recommend you to leave Flash behind and convert your projects to HTML5. Check our article «How to convert existing Flash publications into HTML5?» for guidelines.

I have an old version of FlippingBook Publisher and no 'Support and Updates' contract. Will I be able to create HTML5 publications?

It depends on what version of FlippingBook Publisher you have. If your version is older than 2.8.3., you will not be able to create HTML5 publications. However, starting version 2.8.3 that came out on November 30, 2016, FlippingBook Publisher supports the latest web standard, HTML5.

If you have an earlier version of FlippingBook Publisher than 2.8.3., and you want your clients to be able to view your flipbooks without any issues, you will need to renew your Support and Updates. After that, download the new version of FlippingBook Publisher from your account. All of our latest features, including HTML5, SVG format to convert your pages, will then become available to you!

When we released HTML5, we held a webinar about HTML5 and Flash, where we replied to a few frequently asked questions. You can find a video recording of the webinar below. There, we explain why we recommend you to use HTML5 and what the differences between HTM5 and Flash publications are. Please, check it out here:


If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help.

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