FlippingBook Publisher licensing model

FlippingBook Publisher is desktop-software for Windows. You pay a one-time fee to buy the software and then... 

  • You can use the software on one PC.
  • You can use it as often as you want, and make as many flipbooks as you want.
  • You can upload your flipbooks to your own (or clients’) server, without limitations.
  • You can also host up to three publications on our FlippingBook Cloud during the first year.
  • You get support and software updates for one year.
  • Your license will not expire after purchase, so you can use the software for as long as it keeps working. We guarantee that it will keep working for at least five years.

We’d like to be sure that you use the product that best suits your needs. You can fine-tune what features to include in your license and avoid paying for things you’re not going to use. In this article, we cover the prices for all the additional options and briefly explain what they mean. For additional information, please, refer to our article on how to Optimize your FlippingBook Publisher license.

Topics in this article:


Full pricing plan

Base license

We offer two editions of FlippingBook Publisher: Professional and Business. The edition determines which functionality is available to you. For a detailed overview of all features, see the Publisher pricing page.

Edition US$ Euro GBP


€599 £499


€999 £899

Additional users/workstations

By default, Flippingbook Publisher can be used by one user, on one computer. If you want to use the software on multiple computers, or with multiple users, then you can buy additional users at any time.

 Additional User US$ Euro GBP


€249 £219


€349 £299

To buy additional users, please contact us. Leave your license email address and the number of extra users that you need. We will be happy to provide you with a quote.


Renew Support & Updates

When you buy a license, you get a full year of Support & Updates for free. After the first year, Support & Updates are available as an optional service. (Prices are based on Auto-renewal):

Support & Updates (per year) US$ Euro GBP
Basic (legacy product)


€149 £129


+ per additional workstation


+ $199


+ €149


+ £149


+ per additional workstation


+ $299


+ €249


+ £219

You can renew Support and Updates for 1 year, 2 years (15% discount), or use Auto-renewal.

  • Auto-renewal gives you support and updates for 1 year and sets up a subscription to automatically renew next year. This also guarantees that the renewal price is the same price next year. If it happens that we increase the price for Support & Updates in general, you will still benefit from the old rate. Prices are shown in the table above.
  • Autorenewal is 10% cheaper than a standard one-time renewal for 1 year. However, the one-time renewal doesn't set up a subscription so is more flexible.
  • You can also make a renewal for 2 years at once, without setting up a subscription. This is relatively the cheapest option, being 15% cheaper than two one-year renewals) but you pay upfront.   

To renew you can sign in to your account and click the Renew button. A pop-up window will show you the available renewal options. After selecting the desired renewal method you will be redirected to a payment form to finalize the purchase.


Unlimited Cloud

An active Support & Updates contract also gives you the possibility to host 3 publications on our FlippingBook Cloud. If you need more flipbooks to be active at the same time, then you can switch to Unlimited (*) Cloud. Support and updates are included in this case, you don’t have to buy them separately. Prices per year are as follows (based on Auto-renewal):

Support, Updates & Unlimited Cloud (per year) US$ Euro GBP
Basic (legacy product)


€249 £219


+ per additional workstation


+ $299 


+ €249


+ £219


+ per additional workstation


+ $399


+ €349


+ £299

If you already have active Support and Updates and choose to add the Unlimited Cloud to them, then:

  • We don’t change the expiry date of your Support and Updates. Instead, we add Unlimited Cloud to it and charge you pro-rata.
  • We deduct any outstanding money that has already been paid for Support and Updates.

You can switch to Unlimited Cloud in your online account by pressing the Get Unlimited Cloud button.


Upgrade Publisher edition

If you have an active support contract, then you can upgrade to a higher edition of FlippingBook Publisher. If you have no active support contract then you will need to renew your support contract as well while upgrading. We regularly offer discounts on upgrades. Please check your account page for details.  

Edition US$ Euro GBP
From Basic (legacy product) to Professional


€200 £200
From Basic (legacy product) to Business


€600 £600

From Professional to Business

 + per additional user


+ $100


+ €100


+ £80

Note! Upgrading an expired license automatically adds the renewal of Support and Updates services to your purchase. In this case, we use the renewal rates of a higher edition. Upgrading an expired license without renewing it at the same time isn't possible.


Changing billing information

If you use the auto-renewal option for your support contract, then we will automatically charge you for another year when these services are about to expire. It is, of course, possible that your credit card details change in the meantime. In that case, you can update them in your online account by pressing the Update payment method button.

You can also cancel the Auto-renewal contract with the button Cancel Auto-renewal. This prevents further charges (but does not refund the last charge).  


Review billing history

All payments that you have made to us are stored in your online account. To review them or download the invoice, log in, and click on the View billing history link at the bottom of the screen.


When I bought my license, it included extra workstations. How does it affect renewals?

In the past, FlippingBook Publisher was sold in packages with a preset number of workstations included. For example, you may have bought FlippingBook Publisher Business 3, and you could install and use it on three computers at the same time. In that case, you keep the workstations that you already had. When you renew your Support, Updates (and Unlimited cloud, if applicable), the renewal for the additional workstations will also be free. The same is true if you upgrade to a higher edition of FlippingBook Publisher. But if you buy extra workstations now, then these will be counted for future upgrades and renewals. 

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