• What is the Software Improvement Program?

What is the Software Improvement Program?

The Software Improvement Program is a way to make FlippingBook Publisher better for users. The program is designed to detect problems in typical FlippingBook Publisher usage scenarios - bugs, misunderstandings and cases, when users get stuck. For this purpose, the application will occasionally send anonymous statistics to the FlippingBook server. Based on the analysis results, we will work to improve the user experience and to prevent issues from arising in the future.

How does participating in the Program affect my work?

Your participation will not disturb your work with the application. The data collection is run in background mode and has a minimum impact on your productivity.

What kind of data is collected?

The software will send us information about your FlippingBook user experience and some statistics on its performance. No personal data is collected and never will be. All the information we receive is used exclusively for the software’s improvement and will not be published 

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