• How do I get an invoice before payment?

It is possible to get an invoice before paying if you choose purchase order as your payment method. This payment method is available only to corporate customers. The process of buying a product with a purchase order is described below:

  1. Before purchasing a product, you might want to get a price quote. A price quote is an official offer to buy a product at a specified price. It is valid for 14 days, but you are not bound to buy anything. Getting a quote is optional. If you need a quote, please, find more information about it here.
  2. If you have received a price quote, you can place your order using the order link that we send in the email with the price quote. Without a quote, you can place your order directly on our website. Either way, you will be taken to the Checkout page.
  3. On the Checkout page, please fill out your address information and choose Purchase order as your payment method as shown on the screenshot below:

    Then press the Next button. Our payment-processing partner Cleverbridge AG will send instructions for the purchase order to your email address. You will also get your Cleverbridge AG reference number with the instructions. You will not have to pay for anything at this point.
  4. After you receive instructions from Cleverbridge AG, please, ask your purchasing/financial department to raise a purchase order and send it to Cleverbridge AG by email.

    Note! A purchase order is a written confirmation of your order on your official company letterhead. And it is a binding document (your company promises to buy an indicated product at a specified price).

    It’s important to put Cleverbribdge AG reference number on your purchase order, as shown in the example below (please, be mindful, this is only an example, and your company purchase order will, of course, look different).

  5. When the purchase order is received, Cleverbridge AG will send your invoice and the actual payment instructions to your email address.
  6. Please pay the invoice (usually via bank transfer or wire transfer).
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