• How do I renew my Subscription?

Your Subscription to FlippingBook services includes:

  • FlippingBook Publisher updates
  • 24/5 Customer Service support
  • FlippingBook Cloud serviсe for storing your publications

While optional, renewing your subscription is recommended, because it ensures that your publications always meet the latest requirements and that your work with the program is easy and convenient.

You can extend or renew your Subscription from your account on the FlippingBook website.

To renew through the website sign in to your account, navigate to «Overview» then click the link «Renew Subscription»:

A pop-up window will show you the available renewal options.

After selecting the desired renewal period you will be redirected to a payment form to confirm payment.

Will the software and my publications stop working after my Subscription period expires?

FlippingBook Publisher will not stop working when your subscription expires. You will still be able to use the software to create new publications and host them on your own server.


You will no longer receive Customer Service support.

You will no longer receive software updates. Learn why updates are important.

You cannot use FlippingBook Cloud. All the uploaded publications will be blocked within 30 days from the expiration date and deleted after 3 months.

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