• How are HTML5 and Flash publications different?

We are happy to introduce HTML5 publications for FlippingBook Publisher. This moving to a new technology makes our publications more convenient and web-friendly.

HTML5 is a web standard developed by the Internet community. Unlike Flash technology, it is supported natively by popular browsers. Mobile devices support HTML5 as well.

HTML5 allows your documents to open faster. It needs fewer resources from your computer, such as memory. Also, HTML5 is more secure, with no Flash plugin needed to view publications, an opening for many hackers is closed.

We keep the mechanics of the publications: the page-flip effect, the publication’s look, and their controls. But from a technical standpoint, the publications are completely reworked. This new technology will give us an opportunity to add new features and improve existing ones.

What features will be in HTML5 publications?

We have made sure that new publications will have all the most important features. Yet, some will not be available in HTML5 publications. These are:

  • E-commerce functionality
  • Offline publications
  • Select text option
  • Customized preloader text and images (it will be automatically generated)
  • Extensive Skin Editor options. Only 24 skins will be available, with the ability to change skin color, background image, and branding.

If you still want continue using these features — don’t worry. We maintain support for Flash and you still have the option of using it to create your publications. It will also have some other less used features that are not available in HTML5 yet.

Will I still be able to use Flash publications?

Yes, you still will be able to use Flash for your publications. You can choose Flash or HTML5 when creating a new publication.

Can I convert my existing Flash publications to HTML5 automatically?

No, not yet. But, we plan to introduce this feature later on. For now, you have the option of creating your new projects in HTML5 or Flash. To convert your existing Flash projects you can export a PDF file and import it using HTML5.

A detailed instruction can be found in this article: «How to convert existing Flash publications into HTML5?» article.

I have an old version of FlippingBook Publisher and an expired subscription. Will I be able to create HTML5 publications?

We add new features to FlippingBook Publisher three to four times per year. If you have an expired subscription you won’t be able to access to them. Thus, you will not be able to start creating HTML5 publications.

To get the latest version, please renew your subscription. Then download it from your account. All of its latest features, including HTML5, will then become available to you!

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help.

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