• How can I reduce a publication size?

This article is about Flash publication.

Sometimes you may need to reduce the size of your publication, for example, to satisfy the server requirements.

You can choose some of these ways to achieve this:

1. Select “Small File size” Conversion Profile

Small File Size Profile
2. Select JPEG or PNG conversion while importing your document (Conversion Profile/ Settings/ Flash/ Conversion Format)
Select JPEG or PNG Format
3. Reduce quality (Conversion Profile/ Settings/ Global/ Quality)
Reduce Quality
4. Disable creating Mobile version, images for Basic HTML version, extracting of links and Table of Contents (Conversion Profile/ Settings/ Import options)
Remove Options
5. Disable Print and Download options (Properties/ Publication Components)
Print and Download
6. Remove a downloadable PDF (Properties/ Main Settings/ Files For Download/ Include PDF file)
Files for Download
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