Should I use FlippingBook Publisher or FlippingBook Online?

There are two different products that we offer: FlippingBook Online and FlippingBook Publisher.

Both can help you create online publications with a realistic page-flipping effect, and you can easily share them with your customers.

Both products are based on powerful FlippingBook technology and offer reliable cloud hosting and professionally designed skins. However, depending on your goals, you might find that one of the products suits you better.

FlippingBook Online is a web-based application for creating and delivering publications to your customers. It works in all popular browsers on PC or Mac and doesn’t need software installation. This product will work best for you if you need to create your publications quickly and effortlessly.

FlippingBook Publisher is a Windows-based software. To use it, you need to pay a one-time fee for a license, and, starting from the second year, you can renew the Support & Updates service to continue having access to FlippingBook Services (the first year of Support & Updates is provided for free upon the initial purchase). This product will work best for you if you want to customize every detail in your publication to reflect the brand style, fine-tune different media options, store your publications directly on your web server.

Now let’s compare both products to see the features available in them: 

  FlippingBook Online FlippingBook Publisher






Software type


browser-based application desktop software


Mac compatibility




Domain restriction




Built-In Analytics




Lead capture form




Custom URL




Individual links



Offline publications

(.exe/.app files)


Integration with other apps


Note! Not every plan of FlippingBook Online or edition of FlippingBook Publisher has all the features marked with “” in the table above. To see if a feature is available in a particular plan of FlippingBook Online or in an edition of FlippingBook Publisher, please, contact our customer support at

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