• What is a subscription to FlippingBook Services?

When you buy an edition of FlippingBook Publisher, you receive a lifetime software license and can create an unlimited number of self-hosted and offline publications forever.

With the license you get a 1-year FREE Standard subscription to FlippingBook Services, which includes:

  • Automatic software updates
  • Access to Customer Service support
  • 3 online publications on FlippingBook Cloud (there are no other limitations such as publication size, views or traffic)

When you upgrade to Premium subscription you get everything that is in Standard subscription plus:

  • Access to Customer Service support by phone
  • An unlimited number of online publications on FlippingBook Cloud.

How to upgrade to Premium subscription?

  • Open your FlippingBook account and click the link «Upgrade».
  • Then you tick option «Switch to Premium»
  • And at last — click button «Checkout» to proceed to the shopping cart.

Important: The software doesn’t stop working when any type of subscription expires. You can still produce as many projects as you need and publish them to your site as HTML files or record to any data storage devices as *.exe or *.app files.

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