• What is a subscription to FlippingBook Services?

Flippingbook software that you buy comes with a lifetime license. However, some additional services that we offer are only available if you have an active subscription.

A FlippingBook subscription gives you access to cloud hosting, FlippingBook Publisher software updates and 24/5 Support Team help. You get a free standard subscription for 12 months when you buy a FlippingBook Publisher license. After the first year we recommend renewing your subscription.

Subscriptions and features available:

Subscription type Cloud Hosting Software Updates Support Team replies
Standard - 1st year 3 publications 24/5 support
Standard - 2nd year 3 publications 24/5 support
Premium Unlimited publications 24/5 support
Expired     Limited


Subscription comes as an additional service. Without it you'll still be able to use Publisher, create publications, and keep them on your own server. But you won't receive software updates and you won't have access to publications on FlippingBook Cloud.

Subscription renewal costs:

Subscription type Pro Business 3 Business 10
Standard - 1st year Free Free Free
Standard - 2nd year      

When you pay for 2 years in advance, you receive a 15% discount. For Business 20 and 30 prices please contact us directly.

Why do we recommend renewing your FlippingBook subscription?

  • New features are added and released 3-4 times per year, along with stability bug fixes and other improvements
  • Regular software updates to support latest technology changes. Mobile and desktop publications will work well even on the latest devices and browsers because we monitor, test and update our software.
  • Uploading to the Cloud requires no technical knowledge and automatically gives you a direct link so your documents can be easily shared. Often it is faster than your own server, as we use Amazon's globally distributed data centers to store your publications.

When should you switch to  the Premium subscription?

When you plan to host more than 3 publications on FlippingBook Cloud at the same moment you can switch to a Premium subscription at your FlippingBook account. You will see the pricing before you are billed.

How to switch to Premium subscription?

  1. Open your FlippingBook account and click the link «Upgrade».
  2. Check the «Switch to Premium» option.
  3. Click the «Checkout» button to proceed to the shopping cart.

Advantages of FlippingBook Cloud hosting

  • Easy publishing with all the needed tools integrated, and no knowledge or authorisation required
  • All sharing options are collected in one Share window, with quick access to popular social networks
  • Direct link to the publication is available within seconds of an upload
  • All publishing tasks are available right from Publisher with no need for web development
  • Option to create collections and a customizable library of your publications
  • Password protection and user access management

What happens when your subscription expires?

FlippingBook Publisher will not stop working after your subscription has expired. You will still be able to use the software to create new publications to host on your own server.

But, once the subscription expires, the software will not receive any automatic updates and you will not be able to publish to the Cloud. Cloud publications will also become unavailable. To renew your subscription, login to your FlippingBook account and click «Renew». You will see pricing before you are billed.

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