Can I capture reader data from my flipbooks?

Product: FlippingBook Online

Note! This article contains information on one of the advanced FlippingBook Online features. If you feel like it might be difficult to understand from just plain text or you’d like to see how it works before upgrading, feel free to book a meeting with one of our specialists.


A Lead capture form is a form that asks a viewer to submit their email address before they can see your flipbook. It allows you to collect leads right within your flipbook. By adding a Lead capture form, you can track who accesses your content and how they interact with it.

This feature is available to all users with FlippingBook Online Optimal, Advanced, and Team plans.


How can I add a Lead capture form to a flipbook?

To enable the Lead capture form feature, open your FlippingBook Online account and follow these steps:

  1. Open the list of your flipbooks.
  2. Hover over the flipbook you'd like to change and choose the Customize option from the three-dot button menu.
  3. Click Lead capture form, then click Enable.
  4. Click Finish at the top.

Next time someone opens this flipbook, they will see something like this:


Options when using the Lead capture form

Here are the options available for you in the settings panel:

  • Add the Lead capture form to a specific page in your document, instead of on the first page. This way you can give your reader a preview of the content before asking them to submit their email address.
  • Collect additional information about your readers. By default, a Lead capture form only asks people to enter their email address. But it's also possible to gather the viewers' first and last name, phone number, what company they represent, and what country/region they are from.

  • Decide what information is crucial for you to collect and mark the corresponding fields as mandatory.

  • Allow your viewers to skip the Lead capture form without entering any data.
  • Change what your readers will see in the form's Caption by editing the text in the corresponding settings field. 

What else can I change about the fields? Their size, order maybe?

You can easily arrange and rearrange the order in which your fields are displayed. See those 6 dots neatly placed on the left side of each field? Just click there and drag your fields to where you want them to be. You'll see the changes applied in real-time without the need to exit the Customize window.

The size, however, is a completely different story and can't be changed or modified in any way. That said, all the fields you add will be exactly identical and perfectly aligned with each other. The only exception is the First and Last name field, which is divided into two separate sections that still match the rest of the list in terms of overall length and height.


Some of the fields can be set as mandatory. But wouldn't it be easier to just disable the ability to skip the form?

It depends on what you're trying to achieve. Some people your flipbook as soon as they see an unskippable form that asks them to submit personal information. Making only some of the fields mandatory won't force your leads to quit reading instantly. At the same time, it will encourage them to leave at least some of the data you find useful at the same time.

You can also consider placing the Lead capture form in the middle or even at the end of your flipbook to soften its impact on the reader even further. Showing that you care and are willing to provide some value in exchange for the client's personal data is crucial for building a solid long-term relationship with your audience!


What about my company's privacy policy? Can I mention it somewhere in the Lead Capture Form?

Yes, that's absolutely possible. Although you can't remove the mention of FlippingBook in Lead Capture Form, you can include the additional link to your own privacy policy right next to ours. To do this:  

  • Enable the option Custom privacy policy. This will open a pop-up window called Edit privacy policy.
  • Enter your company name in the field Company Name.
  • Enter the URL for your privacy policy in the field Link to privacy policy.
  • Press OK.

Once you save the changes, your readers will be able to follow the links to both yours and our privacy policies, that specify which personal information is gathered and how it's used and help you to be compliant with privacy regulations. 


These Custom Privacy Policy settings can be saved as part of your default settings. This way, they will automatically be applied to all new flipbooks that you create.


Where can I find my leads?

You will be able to see your collected leads in the Stats section of your flipbook. To find it, open your account, hover over your flipbook in the list, click the three dots on the right and choose the View Stats option:

Just click on it and you will be redirected to the page where all the collected email addresses are stored. Any additional information about the lead will be hidden under the More button, which will expand the list once clicked. Here is what it looks like:


Can I export the captured data and use it in my CRM?

Sure, you can export your collected leads as a CSV file. Most CRMs can import such files, but please check the documentation of your CRM provider to see if that's possible with your CRM.

To export the data, press the Export button at the top of the Stats page:

In the pop-up window, select the period for data export and the info you wish to include. Make sure that 'collected leads' is one of them!

When you are ready, press the Export button. The exported data will be prepared and sent to your account email. The files will be CSV files. You can process them further in any spreadsheet. If the data isn't neatly split into columns when you open them, then have a look at our article about Working with CSV files.

If you use FlippingBook Online Advanced or higher, and you use an online CRM system, you can even completely automate this process so that no manual exporting and importing is required at all. Interested? Head over to our article about the Zapier integration feature. or have a look at the video to see how it works:



How can I make sure a viewer will see the Lead capture form in their preferred language?

The flipbook interface supports 17 languages: English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Russian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Polish, Norwegian, Finnish, Turkish, Hebrew, and Arabic.

The Lead capture form feature detects a viewer's language based on their web browser settings and auto-translates accordingly. So, if your flipbook is viewed, say, in Japan, the form will appear in Japanese by default. Should you want to see the form in a different language, just change the language settings in your browser.


Note! Your header and field captions aren't affected by the browser settings and will always stay in the same language you originally wrote them in.

Learn even more

Are you interested in exporting your leads to the app of your choice or creating campaigns with the collected leads on the fly? Learn more about our Zapier integration feature (available in Advanced and Team plans).

The Lead capture form is surely a useful tool, but you have to make sure you process information that you gather with the Lead capture form in accordance with applicable privacy regulations. Our article "What does the GDPR mean for your FlippingBook Online flipbook?" will help you learn more about it.


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