• How to adjust publication to your company's brand?

There are several features in FlippingBook Publisher which allow you to brand your publication in your company’s style. The same features make it possible to remove mentions of our trademark from publications.The set of such features differs depending on the edition of FlippingBook Publisher. This table displays all the possibilities of branding available in each edition:

Branding Trial Professional Business
Preloader logo 

Preloader text 
Powered by text
Background logo

Copyright Button



— Adjustable; — FlippingBook logo.

With Trial background logo and watermarks can't be removed from your publication.


When using Professional edition you can apply branding settings to your publication to certain extent. Business edition provides you with all options to delete FlippingBook mentions from your publication and brand it in your company’s style.

Branding your publication

All the settings which allow to apply corporate style are available in the Branding Settings tab on the Publisher’s left panel ’Properties’:

The first element of branding style is background logo. For background logo image and URL can be chosen so that by clicking on it reader could be redirected to any specified web page. Background logo is also automatically used as a Preloader logo at the start of your publication. 

By default Branded

You can brand your copyright button, which contains text and URL can be chosen as well. 

By default Branded

Favicon can be added into your browser’s address bar right before publication’s address. You have certainly seen such favicons—you add your own too, to brand your publication’s address. 

By default Branded

Powered by link can be disabled in the menu as well, giving the option to delete all FlippingBook mentions.

Next: check out examples of publications branded to company’s style.

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