• How to adjust publication to your company's brand?

There are several branding options in FlippingBook Publisher which allow you to change the publication apperance to your company’s colors and logos. Depending on your Publisher edition you might have diffirent options:

Branding Trial Professional Business
Preloader logo Adjustable

FlippingBook logo

Preloader text Adjustable Adjustable Adjustable
Powered by text Adjustable Adjustable Adjustable
Background logo Adjustable

FlippingBook logo

Copyright Button

FlippingBook logo

Adjustable Adjustable
Favicon Adjustable Adjustable Adjustable

FlippingBook logo


Trial version has a Flippingbook background logo and watermarks that can’t be removed from your publication.

With Professional edition you have a limited set of branding options — FlippingBook logo can’t be removed. Business edition allows all options to delete FlippingBook logo and apply your own branding.

Branding your publication

All the branding options are located in the panel ’Properties’, Branding Settings tab:

For background logo you choose an image and also can set a URL, that will redirect to a web page. Background logo is also used as an image for a Preloader logo, which launches while publication is loading.

By default Branded

You can set your own copyright button with custom text and URL.

By default Branded

Your custom favicon can also be added into your browser’s address bar as a small branding detail.

By default Branded

Note! Preferable size for favicon is 16x16 or 32x32. As for backgroundlogo it is up to you. It will get resized while keeping the original aspect ratio. If you want to fit 50 pixels in height it fits, but 75 doesn't fit anymore the default size of the flippingbook logo is 118x20.


Powered by link can be disabled in the menu as well, giving the option to delete all FlippingBook mentions.

Next: check out examples of publications branded to company’s style.


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