• How can I add sound to my publication?

This article is about Flash publication. We highly recommend you to create HTML5 publications instead of Flash ones. You can convert your existing Flash publications to HTML5 using this instruction.

FlippingBook Publisher’s Professional and Business editions allow you to add background sound to your publications. By default, all pages have the flipping sound turned on; three flipping sounds are available.

You can disable the default sound and add your own background track to the entire publication in Properties/Sounds:.

Background Sound

You can also adjust the background sound settings, such as volume and looping, here.

If you’d like to add sound to one page instead of the entire publication, you can do so by selecting the page you’d like to add sound to in the Pages tab and going to its properties in the same tab:


You can add a sound for a specific page (Page Sound), loop it, and adjust the volume.

That page’s sound will begin playing as soon as readers open the page.

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