How can I add sound to my publication?

Product: FlippingBook Publisher

FlippingBook Publisher’s Professional and Business editions allow you to add background sound to your flipbooks. A good background sound will attract more readers to your content and build up a special atmosphere for the flipbook.

You can add one .mp3 file per flipbook, so it is not possible to add on-demand sound files per page. Also, by default, all pages have the flip sound turned on.

Note! - This option is available for your desktop flipbooks only. There is no opportunity to add background sound to your mobile flipbooks.
- A reader may need to interact with the book (click on the pages or on the buttons) for the sound to start playing.

Sound Options

To add your own background track to a flipbook or manage the flip sound effect, please open the Sound Options window:

  1. Import your PDF or open your project .p2hp file in FlippingBook Publisher.
  2. Go to Settings > Controls.
  3. Find Sound and click Customize next to it.

Here are the options available for you:

  • Add your .mp3 file by clicking on the three dots beside the Background Sound File line. You can also adjust volume and loop your track. 
  • Turn on/off the flip sound.
  • Change the volume of the flip sound.

Most browsers don't allow sound files to be played immediately upon opening a page. Therefore, the background sound will start playing only after the reader has interacted with the flipbook (has turned the first page).

Can I add more than one audio file?

It is not possible to add on-demand audio files per page or have multiple audio files. As a workaround, you can create a video with sound and embed it to any page. You can either start these videos manually or use the 'autoplay' option. 

Can I add sound to increase accessibility?

We do not recommend using this feature to improve the accessibility of your content for people with visual impairments. Keep in mind that the sound does not play on mobile and is not synchronized with the pages. Moreover, readers without visual impairments will also hear it because the sound cannot be turned on on-demand. However, we have taken a lot of steps to improve the accessibility of your flipbooks: you can add a fully accessible version of your PDF, compliant with ADA or WCAG standards which will be much more useful for people with disabilities.

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