How to create your first flipbook with FlippingBook Online?

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To create a FlippingBook Online publication you need to have a PDF. With FlippingBook Online, you can transform your PDF into an interactive HTML5 flipbook with a smooth page flip effect and appealing look of a real book. Flipbooks can be viewed online in all popular browsers on desktop or mobile devices.

This article will guide you through the creation of your first flipbook and will help you learn the basics of working with FlippingBook Online. Once you become familiar with the basics, you can learn more about other features of FlippingBook Online which make it such an amazing and powerful tool.

Creating your first publication with FlippingBook Online is simple as our service is tuned to be easy and quick. There are just three basic steps:


1. Upload your PDF

To create your first flipbook, please open your FlippingBook Online account.

We assume you already have a PDF. You can upload it by pressing the Upload PDF button.

In the pop-up window choose your source PDF and press the Open button.

The conversion process has already started! If your PDF contains links or a table of contents, they will be added to your flipbook automatically.

Note! It’s not possible to create your flipbook from scratch. You need to have a PDF to start with. If you don’t have a PDF yet, please, consider creating one with the software of your choice. If you are not sure which software to use, check out our list of easy-to-use PDF tools.

If you plan to design your PDF at a later time and would like to test FlippingBook Online first and see how it works, then go ahead and create your first flipbook by pressing the Start with a Demo PDF button!


2. Customize

So, the conversion is over, and you can see your flipbook in your online account. If you would like to improve the look of your publication further, just hover over it and click on the Customize button:

There are various settings in the Customize menu. For example, you can choose the interface skin that best suits your content by clicking the Skin button:

There are many other ways you can customize your flipbook to adjust it to your brand style and needs.

Note! If you need to change the contents of your publication you can do it by making changes to your PDF. You can then update the PDF in your flipbook. When you replace the PDF, all the settings for your flipbook stay the same, and the link to your publication remains unchanged.


3. Deliver flipbook to your customers

Now it’s time to share your publication! Hover over your flipbook in your online account and click Share:

You can copy the link to your publication and send it to your customers by email or share your flipbook on popular social networks.


What’s more, you can make the flipbook a part of your website. It is possible to embed a full version of it or just a preview. All it takes is pasting a short piece of code into your webpage.

You can also share individual trackable links with your customers. This feature is available with all the plans except the Starter plan.

Next Steps

Congratulations! Your first FlippingBook Online publication has just been created, and you have already learned all the essentials. You can now try out some other features.

Surely that’s not all that you can do with FlippingBook Online. Keen to learn more? Please, don’t hesitate to ask your questions in chat, contact us, or visit our Help Center.

Note! Some features are not available for all the plans. If you want to learn more about FlippingBook Online features and plans, just scroll down the Pricing page.

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