How to create your first flipbook with FlippingBook Online?

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You cannot create a flipbook from scratch. You need to have a PDF to start with. Don’t have a PDF yet? Make one with Canva or with other easy-to-use PDF tools! You may start with a demo PDF too. See the instructions below.



FlippingBook Online transforms your PDF into an interactive HTML5 flipbook. It will have a smooth page flip effect and the appealing look of a real book. You can view flipbooks online in all popular browsers on desktop and mobile devices. 

Creating a flipbook is easy and quick. There are only three basic steps: 


Upload a PDF or start with a demo PDF

To create the first flipbook you can upload one of your own PDFs or use a demo PDF. 

Upload your PDF

  1. Open your FlippingBook Online account
  2. Upload the PDF by pressing the Upload PDF button
  3. In the pop-up window select your PDF file and press the Open button
  4. Wait until the conversion completes. That’s it. The flipbook is ready.
  5. The program will offer you to customize your flipbook. See the next section about it.

By the way, all links in your PDF will work in the resulting flipbook. If you have bookmarks in a PDF, the software will create an interactive table of contents from them.

Start with a demo PDF

Do you plan to design your PDF at a later time? Then test FlippingBook Online with a demo PDF and see how it works. Create your first flipbook by pressing the Start with Demo PDF button.


Customize the flipbook

The program will offer you to customize the flipbook right after you have uploaded the PDF. You may skip this step now by clicking on the Next step and return to it later if you like.

There are various things you can customize in a flipbook: 

  • Change the title and description.
  • Apply a skin to change the background and colors for menus.
  • Change the logo.
  • Make it searchable on Google.
  • and lots more!

Ready to spend some more time? Then click on Customize in the pop-up and tweak the flipbook to your liking. This article will help you explore different settings there.


Share the flipbook with your customers

Now it’s time to share your flipbook:

  1. Go to your account Home page.
  2. Hover over your flipbook and click Share.

  3. Copy the link to your flipbook and send it to your colleagues or business partners by email, a collaboration app, or social network. 

Next Steps

Congratulations! You have created your first flipbook. But don't stop here. FlippingBook Online offers lots of useful features that will help you achieve your goals. You will learn how to make your flipbook more interactive, how to protect it, and other cool stuff. This article gives an impression of the possibilities.

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