How can I switch between Monthly and yearly billing?

We offer monthly and yearly subscriptions.

  • Monthly billing is more flexible but, over time, a less economical solution. Monthly subscriptions can only be paid for by credit card.
  • Yearly billing is 25% cheaper compared to 12 monthly payments but you immediately commit to a full year. There are more payment options available for yearly billing (credit card, ACH, PayPal, Wire transfer, Purchase Order/invoice).

You can switch from monthly to yearly billing in your online account. When you do so, we will charge you the yearly fee at the end of your current billing period:

  • Open the Subscription page in your online account
  • Choose Switch to annual billing
  • After choosing this option, you will see a pop-up that will show you the yearly billing fee and the date when you will be billed. Here you can confirm by pressing the Switch button.

Changing from yearly billing to monthly billing is possible too, but not in your online account. Please contact us and we will change your billing type to monthly. Remember that monthly subscriptions can only be paid for by credit card. We will be happy to help you switch if you are not already paying by credit card.

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