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With FlippingBook’s PDF to flipbook converter, your online document is a click away. Upload your PDF and transform it into a dynamic, interactive flipbook. Share it easily via a link, and enhance engagement by adding videos, GIFs, and pop-ups.

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Make readers fall in love with your content

Convert your PDFs to flipbooks to give readers the digital experience they deserve—with content that’s comfortable to flip through on any device, no download required. Even the most complex document will drive engagement as an interactive flipbook.

Convert your PDF to a flipbook Convert your PDF

How to convert PDF to a flipbook


Upload your PDF to FlippingBook. Create an account in seconds. Once you’re set, simply drag and drop your PDF file to start the conversion.


Set your flipbook’s privacy level. Make your content public to boost traffic. Or limit who can access it by setting a password or by sharing it as a protected embed that doesn’t work outside of your website.


Share your flipbook with a click. Copy the link to your flipbook and share it via email, messenger, or social media for the whole world to see.


See what your flipbook can look like with these real PDF to flipbook examples

Whether you’re a marketer aiming to showcase brochures and catalogs, or an HR professional who wants people to notice your guides, newsletters, and reports, your audience will love the flipbook format. The realistic page flip effect and stunning design will turn your PDFs into true digital experiences that people will be drawn to.

Convert your PDF

Don’t have a PDF yet?

Creating one is easy with one of our free Canva templates. Thanks to the seamless integration between our platforms, you can easily customize your template in Canva, save it as a PDF, and send it straight to FlippingBook to convert it into an interactive flipbook. Explore our templates:

Canva integration

Interactive PDFs, made easy

The more dynamic your content is, the longer people stay exploring it. With FlippingBook’s PDF to flipbook converter, adding interactivity to your content is a breeze.

  • Videos on any page—to help convey your message better
  • GIF animations that bring your concepts to life
  • Pop-up gallery for stellar images and extra content
Embedded video
Viewers' data analytics

Go beyond PDF downloads—track real interactions

The flipbook format gives you the stats that truly matter. How many views has your flipbook received? How long have people been reading it? Which pages they clicked on, and which gained the most traction? Get the answers and turn them into actionable data to improve your content or measure its success.

Collect leads efficiently

Converting your PDF to a flipbook gives you a better way to collect leads. Embed a lead capture form right within your content and share your flipbook anywhere, confident that people will be prompted to sign up.

Tip: Put a signup form a few pages in to give people a taste of your flipbook and get them hooked on the content.

Lead capture form

Extra benefits of converting your PDF into a flipbook

  • Stronger content protection

    Keep your flipbooks private by hiding them from search engines, disabling sharing and downloading, setting passwords, or sharing exclusively as protected embeds on your website.

  • Better sales enablement

    Sales reps can track how leads interact with documents to see if they are interested. Instant notifications on flipbook opens alert reps to the optimal times for follow-ups.

  • Consistent branding

    Expand your branding options by converting PDFs to flipbooks. Incorporate your company logo, favicon, and color palette. Brand the link, too, for increased trust and clicks.

  • Easy updates

    Update content effortlessly without resending anything. Since the flipbook is cloud-based, changes can be made without breaking the link—which is not possible with PDFs.

  • More comfortable navigation

    A clickable table of contents, thumbnails, and smart search ensure readers never lose their way in the document. Plus, you can access any info within seconds, on any device.

  • Mobile-first experience

    Smart zoom and easy navigation make reading flipbooks on mobile screens a breeze compared to scrolling through PDFs. You’ll deliver an excellent content experience on any device.

1,000% better user experience than with raw PDFs!
Roman Řípa Business Development Manager at Jansen Display Group
converts PDFs to flipbooks with FlippingBook
Roman Řípa


  • How is a flipbook better than a PDF?

    Compared to static PDFs, flipbooks are more engaging and interactive. They help your document stand out and are much easier to share. Plus, you can track their performance to understand the impact of your content.

  • How do I convert my PDF into a flipbook with your software?

    The process depends on the product. Simply sign up or download the desktop software, then upload your PDF following the instructions. FlippingBook takes care of the rest—you'll receive a link to share your ready-to-view flipbook within minutes.

  • Do I need any design or coding skills to use FlippingBook?

    You don’t need any special knowledge or experience. We’ve designed FlippingBook to be intuitive and user-friendly. The uploading process is straightforward, and you have all the features you need at hand.

  • Do you offer a free plan?

    We don’t offer a free plan, but you can try FlippingBook for free for 14 days. During the trial, you’ll have full access to all features of the Advanced plan, allowing you to explore FlippingBook’s capabilities thoroughly.

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