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PDF to flipbook in a click
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Digital flipbook features

  • Branding


    Raise brand awareness by white-labeling your flipbook. Set a custom URL to brand links to your docs, too.

  • Sharing


    Share your PDF flipbook as a link: send it via email or a messenger or post it on social media.

  • Easy updates

    Easy updates

    Update your flipbook whenever you want—the link to it will stay the same, no need to resend it.

  • Content analytics

    Content analytics

    Track views, visitors, time spent on a page, and more to analyze how your content performs.

  • Interactivity


    Add videos, outbound and external links to your PDF flipbook to make it more engaging and interactive.

  • Lead generation

    Lead generation

    Collect leads right within the pages of your PDF flipbook by adding a lead generation form to it.

  • Content protection

    Content protection

    Turn off sharing, printing, and downloading options, or set a password for even stronger protection.

  • Embedding


    Embed flipbooks directly into your website to create a more wholesome viewing experience.

  • No ads

    No ads

    Nothing will distract readers from your content: all flipbooks made via FlippingBook are ad-free.


To make your PDF flipbook even more stylish, customize its design—choose one of the 24 beautiful templates or upload your own, set color palette to match. FlippingBook supports vector graphics which means that text and visual elements in your flipbook will always look sharp.


Mobile support

Flipbooks created via FlippingBook software are super responsive and mobile-friendly! Whatever platform or device you’re using, your upgraded PDFs will load fast and work flawlessly on any screen.

Mobile support
1,000% better user experience than with raw PDFs!
Roman Řípa Business Development Manager at Jansen Display Group
converts PDFs to flipbooks with FlippingBook
Roman Řípa

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