• How do I embed video in my publication?


Starting with FlippingBook Publisher 2.4, Professional and Business editions allow embedding of YouTube and Vimeo videos into publications.

To embed a video, first upload it to YouTube or Vimeo services.

Now open your project in FlippingBook Publisher. Start adding video by clicking on the Insert media button > Insert video:

The Content Editor will open in the new window, overlapping your publication. Now you can embed a video.

A blue rectangle represents an area in which the video will appear. You can change its size or position on the page by dragging the corner with the mouse.

Please note the «Video Properties» tab in the left lower corner of the screen. Here you can paste the video link or embed code in the window that appears. You can also specify your video’s settings (such as the video start time, e. g. start at 00:10, and automatic playback when the page is opened).

Once you have finished placing and setting your video, you can simply close the Content Editor and FlippingBook Publisher will save the changes automatically.

The video will start playing once a reader clicks on it. It will appear in the center of the publication’s screen and can be closed by clicking on the cancel button.

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