• How do I protect my publications and bookshelves on FlippingBook Cloud?

There are several ways of content protection which FlippingBook Publisher provides you with. Beside disabling several publication components, such as Download and Share, Business edition allow to protect publications in three other ways. You can read more about it here.

Upon that when FlippingBook Cloud is used to host publications created with FlippingBook Publisher Business edition, it allows you to not only protect all the versions of your publications, but also manage the subscriptions. Here are the protection features FlippingBook Cloud offers you:

Password protection

Once publication is uploaded to FlippingBook Cloud, you can set password on it. The password will be one and you will be able to let all the readers, whom you’d like to share publication with, know it.

To set password click on ’Change’ in the right bottom corner of the Share window, which appears after upload. The same window can be opened if you click on ’Manage FlippingBook Cloud’, choose the publication you need in FlippingBook Cloud Manager and click on ’Share’ button:


You will see new window, where you will be able to choose ’Password Protected’ and set the one you’d like to have:


Specify the password and click on ’Save’ Button. Now when the publication will be shared by link sent to your readers, readers will be asked to enter password in order to view it.

Creating Private publications

The other way of protection offered by FlippingBook Cloud is possibility to create private publications, add readers and manage them, which makes useful tool to manage your subscriptions.

Here is how it works:

once the publication is uploaded, click on ’Change’ in the right bottom corner of the Share window, which appears after upload, as in the previous step.

You will see new window. Choose ’Private’ and click on ’Save’:


Now you can invite your readers using ’Share’ window where two new tabs appeared — to invite and to manage readers:


To start go to ’Invite Readers’ tab and share private publication with your readers by email:


By clicking on Address Book button in ’To’ bar you can import list of contacts from Outlook, Thunderbird, Bat, Gmail or as vCard, LDIF or comma-separated file. You will be also able to manage your contacts there.

After the publication was sent to readers, you can manage them in "Manage Readers’ tab. You can resend invitations and revoke reader’s access to publication here:


Please note, that as readers are managed by FlippingBook Cloud provided methods, it is only possible to share private publication using FlippingBook Cloud ’Invite Readers’ tool.

Protecting a collection of publications

The possibility to make publication private can be also applied to a collection of publications created with FlippingBook Publisher Business and hosted on FlippingBook Cloud.

Note:You can use this feature to make entire collection of your publications available to certain users on subscription basis.

First add publications to a bookshelf (a collection of publications). Once collection is created, click on ’Manage FlippingBook Cloud’ and choose the collection you’d like to protect in FlippingBook Cloud Manager window. It will have drop down list of options:


Click on ’Share’ and change the security settings in the newly opened window:



Once collection is made private, you can invite and manage readers in the same way as it is done for publication, using email client provided by FlippingBook Cloud.

Warning: Adding a private publication to a public collection will allow everyone with access to the collection to read the publication. Make sure your content is protected the way it is supposed to be.

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