Embedding your publications into WordPress

Product: FlippingBook Publisher

If you use WordPress, then you can embed your publications as described in our main article about embedding. After you have copied the embed code, go to the right place on your page, and then go to the ‘Text View’. Paste the code and all should work fine.

Warning! Do NOT paste the code in the Visual View - it will appear as plain text instead.

If you’re using Wordpress starting from version 5.0 with the new post editor Gutenberg, then the process of embedding becomes a bit different for you.

In the main editor window, you will see the Add Block button to the left of the main text area

or on the top menu panel

This button opens Block menu options. In order to add the embed code, you’ll need to select Formatting > Custom HTML menu

and then paste the embed code in the HTML tab of a block that will appear in a post

Please note that the Preview tab of a block will not work for the embedded flipbooks, you will need to use the Preview button for the whole Wordpress post instead.

If you use both WordPress and FlippingBook Cloud, then you can also use a separate plug-in that we have developed. With this plug-in, embedding flipbooks to Wordpress becomes even easier.

First, you need to install and activate the plugin. How to do that exactly is described in this article.

Then, if you make a new publication in FlippingBook Publisher, you can simply follow the following steps:

1. After uploading your project to FlippingBook Cloud you will see the Share window:

2. To publish to Wordpress go to the section Insert to site and choose the option Wordpress there. It will show you the embed code:

3. You can change the publication size (in pixels) and copy it:

4. Open the WordPress admin panel, go the Page (or Post) where you want to embed your publication into, and just paste the code in the right spot. The plugin will detect it, and a few seconds later the publication will appear.

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