How to make flipbooks work only on your site?

Product: FlippingBook Publisher

This feature is only available in the Business edition of FlippingBook Publisher.

When you upload something to the internet, then by default, it is accessible to everyone. For your flipbooks, that means that if someone knows the link, then they can open your publication. You can embed your publication into your own page so that the link is not immediately visible. But if someone finds out the direct link to the publication, they can share it with others anyway - even if you have embedded it on a page that is only accessible to users who are logged in! This protects only your page, not the embedded flipbook.

This is where our restricted domains feature comes into play. By using restricted domains, the publication will only work on sites that you specify: typically your own site(s) and perhaps those of specified partners. This is a great solution to protect your content, especially for flipbooks hosted on our cloud.

Here you can see an example: We have created a flipbook and uploaded it to But as you can see, the direct link doesn't work. That's because we set a restricted domain. The flipbook only works on When we embed it on the page you are now looking at, we see that it works perfectly fine here, as you can see below:   

Palmilla Beach Magazine


How can I use the ‘restrict domains’ feature?

There are two main reasons to use domain restrictions:

  1. You upload your publication to the FlippingBook cloud, but embed the publication on a page that is only accessible to authorized users. In this case, you want the publication to work ONLY on pages on your site where you have embedded it, but NOT when the direct link to the publication is used.
  2. Prevent embedding by third parties. If you upload your flipbooks to your own website, then you can protect them yourselves. Still, you may have flipbooks that are publicly accessible. You may not mind that people share these flipbooks with others, but you want to prevent that third parties embed your publication on their site. Restricted domains prevent that. The publications are accessible to everyone, but can only be seen on your own site.


Where to specify the list of restricted domains?

It is relatively straightforward to restrict embedding a book to a specific list of domains, but how to do this exactly depends on whether you use FlippingBook Cloud or upload to your own server.


Restrict domains when using FlippingBook Cloud

If you upload to FlippingBook Cloud, then you can specify the allowed domains during the upload process, but also change this after the publication has been uploaded. Even for several publications at once!

To specify restricted domains during upload:

  1. Click on Upload Publication in the menu bar in FlippingBook Publisher.
  2. Click on the button after Access mode. The button's text shows the current access setting.
  3. Select Limited Access.
  4. Enable the Restrict domains switch.
  5. Type the domains where this publication can be shown (if you want to list several domains, then separate them with a comma), press Save and then Start the upload as usual.
  6. When the upload is completed, you will immediately see a window to generate the embed code to use on your site.

Note: if you do not add to the list of restricted domains, then the direct link to your flipbook will not work. People who try to open it will see this message:

In most cases, this is exactly what you want. But if you want the direct link to keep working too, then simply add to the list. Adding can also be useful when troubleshooting when the publication doesn't show up right away after you embed it. If it works when you add to the list, but it doesn't work when you remove it, then you may have made a mistake when entering the domain. Learn more about how the list works

Tip We advise you to disable the 'Share' option in the Controls section in FlippingBook Publisher if is not on the list of 'Restrict domains' . When your readers would click the share icon in the flipbook, they would get the link to the FlippingBook cloud, which is now no longer accessible.


To specify restricted domains for already uploaded publications:

  • Click on FlippingBook Cloud in the menu bar in FlippingBook Publisher
  • Right-click on your publication(s). You can keep Shift or Ctrl pressed to select multiple publications at once.
  • Select Access from the pop-up menu
  • Enable the switch after Restrict domains
  • Type the domains where this publication can be shown (if you want to list several domains, then separate them with a comma)

Note! You can only change the Access Mode for publications created with version 2019.1 or higher. You will need to update older publications to this version first to be able to set restricted domains.


Restrict domains when using your own server

If you upload flipbooks to your own server, then you have to specify the allowed domains during the upload process. Create your publication as usual, and select Upload Publication.

If you use our built-in FTP-client then

  • Select FTP/SFTP server.
  • Type in your credentials and press Next.
  • Choose the folder you will be uploading your flipbook to.
  • Click on the switch after Restrict domains.
  • Type the domains where this publication can be shown (if you want to list several domains, then separate them with a comma).

If you use another FTP program or another way to upload the files then

  • Select Local Folder.
  • Expand Access Settings.
  • Click on the switch after Restrict domains.
  • Type the domains where this publication can be shown (if you want to list several domains, then separate them with a comma).



How does the list with ‘restricted domains’ work exactly?

You can enter several domains in the list with Restrict Domains, separated by commas. Your flipbooks will work on that domain and all subdomains of that domain. There is no need to include a protocol (https://). Note that you can only restrict access to (sub)domains, not to specific folders. Some examples:

Restrict domain Pages that you upload/embed the flipbook into



❌ (we only look at the domain, the folder is ignored!)

Note! If you embed publications with 'restricted domains' then use the official FlippingBook embed code. If you use a standard iframe, then the publication will not show up.



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