How to install the FlippingBook WordPress plugin to your WordPress website?

Product: FlippingBook Publisher

The feature of FlippingBook Publisher — «Publishing to WordPress» uses an official FlippingBook plugin for WordPress and automatically uploads your publication to FlippingBook Cloud. After that you can embed it to your WordPress page in just one step.

The advantages of our new feature «Publish to WordPress» are:

— quick publishing to WordPress page

— instant preview of your publication in WordPress editor

Before you start publishing to WordPress you first need to install an official plugin from FlippingBook. You will need to do it just once.

First open the admin panel of your WordPress website and click the «Plugins -> Add new» option.


In the search field type «FlippingBook» and hit enter:


When it finds the FlippingBook plugin, click on the «Install Now» button:


And in the next window click the link «Activate Plugin».

After that, the installation of the FlippingBook plugin is done. You will need to do it only once.


After you have installed a FlippingBook plugin for WordPress you can start publishing to WordPress.

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