• Does Publisher 2 support Right-To-Left books?

This article is about Flash publication. We highly recommend you to create HTML5 publications instead of Flash ones. You can convert your existing Flash publications to HTML5 using this instruction.

FlippingBook Publisher allows you to create books in right-to-left mode (e.g. for Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Hebrew, Yiddish etc.). To create a publication in right-to-left mode, change these settings in the Properties Tab provided the Advanced mode is enabled:

  1. Apply right-to-left page flipping in Properties/Page Flipping Settings/Right To Left as illustrated below:
  2. Switch the publication interface to right-to-left mode in Properties/Publication Settings/Flash right-to-left.

It is recommended using both settings if you require a publication to be completely in right-to-left mode, though they can be used independently. If you have any suggestions about our right-to-left mode, feel free to contact our support team.

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