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The Team plan in FlippingBook Online is an ideal solution for the companies that want to have multiple users assigned to the same account. With the Team plan you can have:

  • Multiple users under the same FlippingBook Online account.
  • Different login/password credentials for each user;
  • Separate workspaces with their own Google Analytics integration and Individual Links option;
  • One billing invoice for several users within the company;

What’s included in the Team plan?

  • Multiple customization options: Branding & Design, Marketing Tools, Password Protection;
  • 3 users by default (one admin account + 2 users);
  • Google Analytics integration: every user can see their own statistics for the publications they create.
  • Hosting on FlippingBook with 1,000 publications storage space;
  • 500 Individual Links

Every user of the Team plan will have a separate workspace for creating publications, with 1,000 publication slots in total across the whole team.

Do you need more features?

We also offer an Enterprise version of the Team plan, with even more possibilities:

  • Create more than 1000 flipbooks and more than 500 Individual Links;
  • Brand your publication URLs with a custom domain. What does it mean?

If you are interested in having branded URLs for your publications, you can get that with the Team plan Enterprise. While safely hosted with FlippingBook, your flipbooks will be accessible on a unique subdomain. So instead of a standard link like online.flippingbook.com/view/354803, your publication link could look like this: catalogs.yourcompany.com/view/354803.

Note! You can purchase slots for additional users for both the Team plan and the Team plan Enterprise.

How much does it cost?

You can pay for both the Team plan and the Team plan Enterprise on a monthly or yearly basis.

Prices are as follows:

Team Plan

Monthly billing Annual billing

 $2690 yearly (save 25%)


€2240 yearly (save 25%)


£2060 yearly (save 25%)

Team Plan Enterprise 

Monthly billing Annual billing

 $4490 yearly (save 25%)


€3860 yearly (save 25%)


£3500 yearly (save 25%)

If you want to add more users to the account, you can buy additional user slots *at any time* for both monthly and yearly billing options.

Per user, with monthly billing Per user, with annual billing

 $440 yearly (save 25%)


€386 yearly (save 25%)


£350 yearly (save 25%)

(*) This is calculated on a pro-rata basis for the time period you’ve already paid for. And, upon the next renewal, a surcharge will be added for every additional user.

(**) To buy additional users, please contact us. Leave your license email address and the number of extra users that you need. We will be happy to provide you with a quote.

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