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With FlippingBook Online, you can create wonderful publications. But your audience has to find them first. When looking for your catalogs, most people use search engines.

Now, please, check the links below. 


Which link would YOU click on?

Of course you'd click on the first one! And you can achieve results like that for your FlippingBook publications too, if you use you use our feature Custom Domain of FlippingBook Online Advanced plus plan.

Such branded links are more trustworthy: when you share them, your clients instantly recognize your brand. And when the publication appears, say, in Google search, people will see your brand in the URL, which also builds trust. According to bitly.com, branded links build awareness by offering users the same experience across channels, while increasing click-through rates by up to 34%.

Want to learn more about Custom domains?

If you are interested in having branded URLs for your publications, we will be happy to work with you. With just a little bit of effort from your network administrator, we can set up a branded URL for you. To learn more about the details and pricing, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss the details.

This article has answers to the most frequently asked questions about our Custom Domain feature:




Does using a ‘branded URL’ mean that I will host publications on my own server now?

No, all your publications are still hosted on our cloud servers, and you still create new publications in your FlippingBook Online account, just like you would normally do. But we link your account with your domain, so when a viewer goes to your branded link, they see your publication.


What if a visitor goes straight to catalogs.mysite.com, instead of opening the full link to a publication? 

Normally, you will share links to specific publications, like catalogs.mysite.com/view/354803. Your user clicks on the link, and the publication opens. But should one of the users remove the /view/354803 part from the URL, then we redirect him to your main site. If the subdomain is for example catalogs.mysite.com, and a viewer tries to open that directly, then he will be redirected to mysite.com


Can catalogs.mysite.com become a starting page with all my publications?

Not by default, but if you create a custom starting page where your publications are embedded, then we can redirect to that page, instead of to your main page. If you, for example, have a page on your site called www.mysite.com/marketing/catalogs/index.html with all links to your catalogs, then we can show that page when a user opens catalogs.mysite.com.


Can I create a custom link for each publication? Say, not catalogs.mysite.com/view/354803, but catalogs.mysite.com/summer2018?

This option is not available yet, but it might be in the future. If you are interested, then please let us know. The more requests we get, the more likely that we will add this!


What happens when my FlippingBook Online license expires?

The publications will stop working. As soon as the license is resumed, everything will go back to normal.


Is it possible to get my domain back later? What do I do?

If at some point in time you decide that you don’t want to use your branded URL for FlippingBook publications any more, then you can notify us, and we’ll unlink your publications and the custom domain. Your network administrator will have to make a small change on your site too, we will send instructions with the details.


Can I create multiple branded URLs?

You can only have one branded URL per FlippingBook Online account. So, you could use either catalogs.mysite.com, or promotions.mysite.com, but not both at the same time. If you are interested in using multiple branded URLs, then please let us know. The more requests we get, the more likely that we will add this!


Can I still use GA for my publication with a branded URL?

Yes, you can use Google Analytics for your publications with a branded URL. Just add your UA number in your FlippingBook Online account and you can find all the information about all your publications in your GA account.

Apart from Google Analytics, we also track the number of views, visitors and users’ interaction within your publications. You can see these in the Stats section of your publications in your FlippingBook Online Account. Here you can quickly check how your content performs. Everything needed to make this happen, happens on our servers. In the code itself nothing will be visible. We don't inject any other Google Analytics, Facebook Pixels or anything else. 


Will my publications be indexed?

Yes, they will. Hosting with FlippingBook is a very good way to give your publications SEO boost, as we designed them with SEO in mind and usually they get indexed very fast. However, if you want them to be searchable, please make sure to enable the “Searchable on Google” option when setting up the publication.


Can I use a special domain like https://mybrandcatalogs.com/view/54012/ and omit the subdomain?

No, sorry, we only support domains that look like catalogs.mybrand.com or similar.


We are concerned about security issues; can you please explain how things work?

From a technical viewpoint, you will need to create a CNAME in your DNS. So, if you want to use catalogs.mysite.com then the CNAME for 'catalogs' would have to be set to 'online.flippingbook.com'. We then obtain an SSL certificate for the full domain. After you change the CNAME, you lose active control over the content published under catalogs.mysite.com. We guarantee that we won’t publish any other content there or change them in any way. Only your publications, exactly the way that you designed them. No third-party content, no adds, no pop-ups, nothing.


Can I use my own certificate?

Yes, if you wish us to use your own SSL certificate, then that is possible too. 


Is it possible to change my domain?

Please note, that we cannot change the domain name more often than once in 6 months and not more than 3 times overall. Of course, if need arises (such as company rebranding, for example) we will gladly help update your domain name.

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