• Managing users in the Team plan

With the Team plan, it's possible to have several users assigned to the same FlippingBook Online account.

Each team member signs in with an individual login and password and has a separate workspace. The administrator uses the main license email to sign in. The administrator can send invitations to new users and view information about user activity in the Team tab of the FlippingBook Online account.

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Sending invitations to new users

To send an invitation to a new user, please, log in as administrator into your FlippingBook Online account, open the Team tab, and press the Invite User button.

Next, please, fill out the first name, the last name, and the email of the new user in the pop-up window. Then send the invitation by pressing the Send Invite button.



The new user gets an invitation by email and can join the team by accepting it.

Note!It’s not possible to invite a user if they already have a trial account or a license for FlippingBook Online.
  • If a user has a trial account, then they can delete it at their Profile page by clicking on Delete account at the bottom. Once the trial account is deleted, the administrator can try to resend the invitation.
  • If a user has a paid license, please, contact support to discuss whether the license and the publications need to be deleted or transferred onto a different account.

What the administrator can see in the Team tab

In the Team tab, the administrator can see the following information for all the team members, including the administrator:

  • name,
  • email,
  • number of publications,
  • last login date.

Note!The administrator cannot see the individual publications created by their team members, because each user has a separate workspace.

The administrator can also see the status of the invitations sent to new users and can resend an invitation by clicking the Resend link.

Editing and deleting users

At this moment, the administrator cannot edit or delete users. Please, contact us, and our support team will be happy to do it for you!

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