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Flipbook software is the best way to publish PDF online

Online flipbooks made with FlippingBook are the same PDFs you’re used to but better. When you upload PDFs to our publishing software, you give your new digital documents secure hosting, a neat professional look (check out this page turn effect below!), and multiple sharing options—all in one click.

How to host a PDF online

It’s very easy to host a PDF online with FlippingBook. All it takes is four simple steps.

  1. Upload a PDF to our PDF converter. The PDF uploading process takes 1-2 minutes. When it’s completed, you can share your new HTML5 flipbook right away—or customize it first.

  2. Give your flipbook a unique identity with branding features and 24 design templates. Add multimedia for better viewer engagement. Choose a level of content protection and sharing restriction.

  3. Now you can share your flipbook with the world! Copy the link and email it to a client, post it on social media to increase your reach, or embed the whole flipbook right into your website.

  4. Oh, but that’s not all! After you host PDFs online and share them, track the statistics of your digital documents and analyze their performance to see how readers interact with your content.


Content protection

Protect sensitive documents

If you need to host a private PDF, host it with the FlippingBook PDF upload solution. Add password protection or share as a protected embed within your website—get to decide who will have access to your digital content.

Control sharing

By hosting your content with FlippingBook you can control how it’s distributed. Disable Share, Print, and Download buttons to stay in charge of how and where people will access your document.

Content protection

Simple document management

Update in a click

PDF hosting with FlippingBook makes it extremely easy to keep all the documents up-to-date. No matter how often you need to update a flipbook, the link to it won’t change, and your viewers will always see the latest version of your document.

Manage & organize

When you host multiple PDFs online, you have to be able to manage and organize them. With FlippingBook document hosting, you can keep your docs in order by sorting them into private folders in your account. And you will always find the flipbook you need in seconds with our powerful search tool.

Manage & organize

Want to see all the perks of hosting your PDFs online?

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  • Add interactivity

    Add interactivity

    Turn your PDF interactive! Add links to your website or to relevant sources. Embed videos to enliven your content and engage your viewers. Insert GIFs and high-quality inline or pop-up images to make your flipbook more entertaining.

  • Brand your links

    Brand your links

    Host PDFs under your own brand name with our Custom Domain feature. By customizing the link to your flipbooks, you achieve full brand integrity and ensure customer trust, thus increasing click rates for your online documents.

Make your PDF mobile-friendly

When you are hosting documents with FlippingBook, you can be sure that your readers will have a great reading experience, even on small screens. Online flipbooks are mobile-friendly so they open swiftly on all devices. Your viewers will enjoy the smooth page flipping motion and comfortable interface of your digital publication.

Our products

You can upload, host, and share PDFs with any of our products. Choose the one that answers your needs best!

  • Online

    A web service for converting PDFs into HTML5 flipbooks online. No need to download or install anything—just upload a PDF and start working.

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  • FlippingBook Publisher

    FlippingBook Publisher

    Windows-based desktop software for PDF hosting. You can host your flipbooks on your own server instead of using the FlippingBook Cloud service.

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  • FlippingBook Automation

    FlippingBook Automation

    A Windows-based tool for batch PDF conversion. It allows you to convert hundreds of PDFs automatically, saving you a lot of time and effort.

    Learn more

  • Flippingbook Salespal

    Flippingbook Salespal

    A mobile platform for PDF hosting and sharing. Your sales reps will always have their collateral at the ready, even when working offline.

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FlippingBook enabled us to convert a massive (1,400 pages) traditional PDF catalog (with 8,000+ items) into a visually stunning, interactive digital publication users can easily search through—and it works great on all devices!
Paul Zivney from Tuna Traffic
hosts digital documents with FlippingBook

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