How to Raise Your Brand Awareness by Branding Your Flipbooks

Flipbooks Branding

When you go grocery shopping, browse the web to find a service, or simply want to choose a movie to watch or a book to read, you most probably set your eyes on the name and logo that seem the most familiar and trustworthy. 

That’s precisely what brand awareness is all about. It represents how familiar a target audience is with a brand and how well they recognize it. People choose specific products and services if they previously had an experience with them, heard about them, or even came across them just once. 

This means that with the online competition being fierce, grabbing your potential customers' attention and increasing your brand awareness becomes more and more vital for your business to keep growing and thriving. 

There are tons of ways to do that, and today we’ll talk about one of them: how to boost your brand awareness and recognition by branding your flipbooks. What are those, you may ask? Online flipbooks are created from PDFs via a simple conversion process. Unlike PDFs, they are easy to customize, share, and track. Plus, they have many interactive perks such as videos, GIFs, pop-up images, and outbound links.

The Christie NHS Trust Annual Review

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Here at FlippingBook, we create and customize flipbooks every day and have gathered the most useful tips and tricks. Plus, we think that branding is much more than just a style guide and a brand book. It’s your company's values, philosophy, and culture that you embrace. And it’s the customer experience that you provide and the goals you help your clients achieve. Interactive flipbooks offer you a great variety of opportunities to do all that and show how unique your brand is. 

So let’s start with making an interactive flipbook and then branding it to match your corporate style and philosophy.


How to Create a Flipbook

To create your flipbook, sign up to FlippingBook Online or simply log in with your Google account. No need for any credit card details or anything to start, just choose the free trial, and you’ll be instantly redirected to your account. 

When you’re there, upload the PDF you want to convert, and FlippingBook will do the rest. In a few minutes, you get a ready, professional-looking flipbook. It can be a brandbook like the one below if we’re talking about raising brand awareness. 

ReNew Brand Book

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Such brandbooks can become a perfect way to create a consistent brand image, define your brand identity and values, and differentiate your brand from its competitors. By adding your own background, logo, favicon, and colors you’ll be able to boost your brand representation in a most efficient way. Here’s what you can do in more detail.

💡 Want to create a flipbook but don't have a ready PDF?

Create your PDF in Canva and publish it to FlippingBook right from your Canva account. To give you inspiration, we’ve designed five stunning Canva templates: digital flipbook, catalog, magazine, brochure, and newsletter. Add any template to your Canva account and customize it to your liking. And then publish to FlippingBook straight away.

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#1 Add a Compelling Background Image

A background image can complement your content perfectly and make it stand out. Check out this travel brochure with a bright tropical background. It instantly catches the eye and reminds you of an engaging trip. Choose flipbook backgrounds that represent your industry and the type of content you publish. This will become one of your recognition points and will boost your brand awareness. 

Hilton Travel Brochure

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#2 Insert Your Logo and Favicon

A logo is one of the main ways to establish your brand’s awareness, it’s the first thing people pay attention to when opening a website or looking through marketing and sales collateral. FlippingBook allows you to add your own logo to a flipbook and even make it clickable—that will allow you to drive more traffic to your website. What’s more, you can add a custom favicon (an icon, typically displayed in the address bar of a browser or next to the site name in a user's list of bookmarks). Both logo and favicon help you keep your brand consistency and awareness across all your digital documents.

See how lovely the logo and favicon look in the flipbook below, they help you recognize the brand right away. Plus, the logo mirrors the logo printed on the cover itself quite nicely.

Virgin Media Booklet

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#3 Brand Your Flipbook Link

With FlippingBook’s custom domains, you can turn your ordinary URLs into branded links. Your readers will instantly recognize your brand name in the link you’ve sent them and open it, knowing this link can be trusted. You can create several custom domains for different types of documents. This way, even the links to your flipbooks will be representing your brand, thus helping you build your brand integrity. 

Here’s our own guide on using a custom domain that shows how cool and professional branded links can look. Practice what you preach, as they say. 


#4 Choose from 24 Ready Designs and Set a Color Palette

FlippingBook offers you a gallery of background templates, our so-called skins, specially designed by our team. Whatever industry you’re from, whatever flipbooks you’re making, you will find the skin that suits your purpose. And then you can set a color palette for Panels, Background, and Link Highlights in the flipbook to complement your skin.

Here’s how your brochure with the Calm Water skin can look, a perfect combination!

The Ritz-Carlton Brochure

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Extra Flipbook Branding Perks

Reaching a wider audience

If you go for interactive flipbooks, you get a great distribution opportunity because an online flipbook is available as a direct link and is very easy to send via email, embed into a website, or share on social media. It’s an excellent way to empower your brand’s promotional and awareness strategy on the web. What’s more, digital flipbooks allow you to boost SEO thus making your content much more popular and ranking even higher.

Real Book Feel

You can fine-tune your flipbooks to match your content in every detail and create an unrivaled immersive experience of reading a real print copy. It will help you rise above the competition for sure. 

  • Flip corner and flip animation are smooth, fast, and responsive, making every page aesthetically pleasant to read.
  • Hardcover: if you create digital books or textbooks for your audience, you can set a well-structured hardcover with proper binding.

Gulliver's Travels Ebook

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  • Page thickness: exactly as in a physical copy. Your clients can jump to any page of your flipbook just by clicking on a tooltip with the required page number. And they can always see how many pages they’ve read already.
  • Page shadows: shadows and gradients on the pages of your flipbooks look subtle and authentic, just like in a real book.

As you see, your brand helps you shape your business and what people  think about it. And there are many factors that shape your brand. Digital flipbooks can become one of such factors that set you apart and market your distinctive qualities. So don’t hesitate to try this format and see for yourself!


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