• How can you embed your publication to WordPress?

This feature is available only for publications stored in FlippingBook Cloud.

The feature “Upload to WordPress” uses an official FlippingBook plugin for WordPress and automatically uploads publication to FlippingBook Cloud. After that you can embed it into a WordPress page in just one step.

To add a new publication to WordPress just click on Publication > Upload to WordPress in the top bar of Publisher and you will receive the code to embed into WordPress. You are then ready to paste the code on the area where you want your publication to appear on your WordPress website.

Note: To use the feature «Upload to WordPress» and publish new publications you will need an active service contract. If yours has expired, please renew.To publish an unlimited number of publications, we also recommend switch to Unlimited Cloud, as our default 'Support and Updates' service is limited to 3 publications stored in the Cloud.

Before you can start uploading to WordPress, you will need to install FlippingBook plugin in your WordPress website.

How to install Wordpress Plugin

  • Go to your Wordpress Admin Panel
  • Select Plugins > Add New
  • Type FlippingBook in the search box and press Enter
  • Then click Install Now button
  • On the next screen click Activate Plugin

How to Upload to Wordpess

After that, create a publication in FlippingBook Publisher and upload it to WordPress. To do this, click Publication and then choose Upload to WordPress:

The new window will appear and publishing process will start automatically. Publisher will upload your publication to FlippingBook Cloud and show you the embed code.

 How to embed your publication in a WordPress page

When embed code appears — copy it:

Open the WordPress admin panel, click on «Pages» (or «Posts»), depending on where you want to put the publication.

Then hover your cursor over the title of the page where you want to add the publication.

 In the text tab paste the embed code into the place on the page where you would like your publication to be shown:

 It will instantly create a preview of the publication in the editor, just switch to Visual tab:

 To see the whole web page, click the button «Preview Changes»:

 You will see your WordPress web page with your embedded FlippingBook publication:

To save your changes press the «Update» button in the WordPress editor.

Note!You need to install and activate the FlippingBook plugin just once. After that, you can copy and paste the WordPress embed code directly into the WordPress page editor.

Upload existing publications stored in FlippingBook Cloud to WordPress

You can use the feature «Upload to WordPress» for any of your current publications stored in FlippingBook Cloud. To do so, please install the FlippingBook plugin in your WordPress website. Then, open FlippingBook Publisher and click on the button «FlippingBook Cloud».


 After FlippingBook Cloud Manager opens, choose the publication you want to embed into WordPress. Click the button «Share» on the top menu. 

 A new «Share» window will open. Navigate to the third tab — «Insert to Site». Choose the option «WordPress» and you will see options specific to it:


You can change the size of the publication (it will still keep the aspect ratio of the publication to 2×3) and also choose if it will be a linkable cover or full publication.

Then copy the code with the button «Copy Code» and embed the code into a WordPress page anywhere you would like the publication to appear.

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