• How do I distribute a bookshelf?

FlippingBook Publisher is a comprehensive solution for creating all kinds of digital publications (e-magazines, brochures, books, etc.).

An integrated part of FlippingBook Publisher, FlippingBook Cloud offers you a convenient way to store, manage and distribute individual publications as well as collections of publications (also known as bookshelves).

The ability to share a collection of publications opens new possibilities for publishers (for example, subscription-based distribution of digital magazines, newspapers, and books) and other businesses (for example, sending brochure packages, storing and sharing annual reports, documents, etc.)

To share a collection, first create it and add the desired publications. Then move the mouse over the collection, open the dropdown menu, and select “Share”.

In the window that appears, choose how you'd like to share your collection. Individual publications can be sent via email, embedded on a website, or shared on social networks, but collections can only be shared as follows:

  • Send by Mail – Use the address book in FlippingBook Cloud Manager to easily compile mailing lists.

  • Social Networks - You can easily share this collection through social networks: FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Google+ or VK.

  • Insert to site – This option requires you to copy some code, specify the desired width and height, and then paste it in the source of the desired webpage. If you add new publications to the collection, they will automatically appear on all the webpages where it has been embedded.


You can also set some access restrictions on your collections. These settings are available in the Share window. You can learn more about securing your publications and collections here. 

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