• How do I embed a publication in my website?

  • If you use WordPress website checkout our article «Publishing to WordPress». This feature is available starting from Publisher 2.7.9

First, please make sure you have your publication uploaded online. To embed the publication in your website correctly, you will need to open the «Share» window and copy the publication’s embed code. To access the «Share» window, please open your publication in a web-browser, right-click on it and select the «Open Share Window» option. You can also click on the «Share» button in the bottom menu of the publication as shown on the screen:


The «Share» window looks like this:


If you host your publication on FlippingBook Cloud, the window will open automatically when you have finished uploading your publication to the cloud.

If you host the publication on your FTP server or use FlippingBook Cloud but have closed the initial «Share» window, you can still easily access the code.

Once you have opened the window, please select the «Insert to site» tab to see the embedding options:



In the «Embedding type» drop-down menu you can select one of three options:

1. Full publication: A full publication is available directly on the page. Readers can turn pages, read the content and enjoy all the features without any redirects.



2. Animated spread: An open book with a flipping corner is presented on the web-page. By clicking on it, the reader is redirected to the full-functioning publication. Please note that this option is not available if you view the publication from the program interface. To select it, please open the publication in the browser first and open the «Share» window (as described above).



3. Linkable Cover: You can display one or more book covers on your web-page. By clicking on them, readers will be redirected to the corresponding publications. This is a good option if you need to create a list of publications on a single web-page or if there are particular space limits on the page.



New feature! Available for Flippingbook Cloud starting from v. 2.7.26 of FlippingBook Publisher you can open your publications in a lightbox without opening separate tabs in the browser. It’s convenient as it keeps your customer on your webpage.

All you need to do is:

  1. choose option Linkable Page
  2. tick Open in light box
  3. copy embed code
  4. paste embed to HTML code of your page



Here is how you do it from FlippingBook Publisher:

  • open your publication in FlippingBook Publisher 2.7.26
  • publish your publication to FlippingBook Cloud
  • in Share menu choose choose option Insert to Site
  • choose option Linkable Cover
  • tick View in pop-up window
  • copy the embed code
  • paste it to your website HTML code



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