How to Make a Digital Brochure: Tools, Tricks, and Tips


If you make digital brochures, flyers, leaflets, booklets or pamphlets, you know that it takes a lot of effort to design them to be eye-catching and comfortable for viewing online.

And still, digital brochures have many benefits and are totally worth it. That’s why we’ve decided to talk today about the best tools for creating digital brochures and some helpful tips on how to make great brochures, even if you’re a newbie.


The Best Tools for Creating Digital Brochures

You can create nice, professional-looking digital brochures without being a design pro. Thanks to the digital era, there are lots of useful tools to help you on the journey to creating and publishing your brochure:

  • Canva. A web design app that enables you to create digital brochures quickly and easily. It offers you a big library of templates, and all you have to do is to choose the one you like and customize according to your needs. You can start with their Brochure Page where you will find all the useful information on creating brochures with Canva.
  • Lucidpress. A web graphic design app that allows you to keep and manage all your brand materials and use them when creating your digital brochures. It features a wide variety of brochure templates with customizable elements such as fonts, colors, and images. Look how to design a brochure in Lucidpress.
  • Adobe InDesign CC. Professional-level design software for PC and Mac. It’s the most famous and widely used software for creating brochures, and the first choice for many marketers, designers, and publishers. Check out the tutorials from InDesign for any level of skills.
  • Venngage. A web-design app that is mostly centered around various types of infographics, charts, tutorials, and more. So if you have a lot of data to share, Venngage helps you turn complex researches into easy-to-understand and clean-looking brochures and pamphlets. Read how to create a design for your brochure in Venngage here.

By the way, if you don’t have ready PDFs yet, read about easy-to-use tools that help you create PDFs from scratch in no time.

And if you already have PDFs, you can convert them into digital brochures with the help of FlippingBook Online. It’s an online service that allows you to create interactive online brochures with smooth page-flip effect. FlippingBook offers a gallery of ready-made professional designs, custom colors and backgrounds, and an opportunity to add your own branding, videos, and links.

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Look how engaging this travel brochure looks. The cover and the background image complement each other beautifully, and you just want to delve into reading the brochure right away. 

Treasures of Bangkok

Have you noticed that text, header, and images go together very well in this city guide? It helps to create a special atmosphere of the brochure.



How to Create Digital Brochures with Ease: Tips for Newbies

Captivating content and design play a big role in creating a great impression of your products and services, no matter what business you have. Here are some general tips to follow when designing and writing your brochure if you don’t have much experience in creating marketing content.

  • Give your cover a single message that is clear and engaging. Focus on making the cover of your brochure articulate and eye-catching in order to achieve maximum impact at first sight.
  • Make the main content of the brochure concise and skimmable: Use descriptive headers, keep paragraphs under four lines, add subheadings for every two to three paragraphs, and incorporate lists and bullet points
  • Use solid colors and background images to define brochure sections
  • Don’t use more than two or three colors and fonts
  • One of the most important elements of your brochure design is the call to action. It needs to be prominent in your brochure because it leads to the action you want your clients to take (the purpose of the brochure).

If you want to create an effective digital sales brochure, read our article to learn the tips and tricks on how to make a brochure that is easy to track, converts prospects into clients, and increases sales.


Why Digital Brochures Are Better than PDFs?

Now, when you know how to create digital brochures, they can bring you many benefits and help you to engage and sell better and faster:

  • Easy updates—you can change and update your brochure whenever you want. Your clients and colleagues will always see the latest version when they open it. You don’t have to resend a PDF every time.
  • Cross-platform—your clients get instant access to your digital brochure and have great reading experience when viewing it on any device.
  • Easy sharing—you can just email the link to your online brochure, instead of attaching a PDF file. Communication and content distribution become fast and easy.
  • Viewing experience—digital brochures are made for convenient web experience, unlike PDFs which are not particularly easy to load and view online
  • Lead generation—online brochures can become your powerful lead generation tool. You can add a built-in form to collect your reader’s info and track their activity to make your marketing and sales even more effective. Read more about generating quality leads in our articles: How to Start Generating More Quality Leads and How to Boost Lead Generation by Optimizing Your Gated Content.


Go On, Get Out There with Your New Brochure

So there you have it—the easy steps to create and design a digital brochure.

And that’s great because a brochure is a place where you can be creative and try new things when deciding on the design, writing the content, and promoting it on the web. The process helps you to expand your horizons, improve your skills, and get to know your audience better. Plus, of course, it grabs your clients’ attention and works for your business success.


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