• How to create your first online publication with FlippingBook Publisher?


This article is about HTML5 publication.


FlippingBook Publisher allows you to create your first online publication in just four steps. It will not take more than 10 minutes to create your first publication.

Step 1. Import a PDF file into FlippingBook Publisher

First, we need to Import a PDF file into FlippingBook Publisher:

  1. Click Import Files and choose a file you want to import.
  2. Then press Open.

3. Now choose Publication type you want to create > HTML5 or Flash.

4. Choose Conversion Profile > Optimal or Best Quality.

You can start with Optimal conversion, in most cases, it will work just fine. However, if you are not satisfied with the quality of your publication, you can re-import it using the Best Quality option.

5. Click the Start button. The file import will start automatically.


Note!You can also choose the New Project option and select the Project Type for Flash publications. Please remember that only three types offer the flipping effect: Catalog, Magazine, and Book. The Document and Photo Project types use a sliding effect instead.

Step 2. Design your publication

Now you can design your publication. You can choose one of our 24 skins for your publication.

To change the skin for your publication:

  • Click the Select Skin button in the Properties tab and choose the skin you like.

You can also change the background image that appears behind the publication window.

To change the background image for your publication:

  • Go to the Properties tab > Main Settings > Background Image > Select image


 Step 3. Upload to FlippingBook Cloud

To upload your publication to FlippingBook Cloud, please follow these steps:

  • Click the Upload button > then choose to FlippingBook Cloud

Note! HTML5 projects do not allow to create Offline Publications for CD/DVD/USB sticks

  • Click Start. The publication will be uploaded automatically

  • Click the Browser (Chrome) icon to view your publication in a browser


Note! You can also see instructions for uploading files to FlippingBook Cloud here. If you do not want to use our cloud, you can upload publications to your own server. You can upload either to "My Server" or directly to FTP.

Step 4. Share your Publication

When you have successfully uploaded a publication online, you can share it with your readers.

  • Click the Share button in the bottom menu bar

  • Copy the direct link to your publication if you want to send it to your readers.

Note! You can also send your publication via email by following the instructions provided here

  • You can also share your publication to different social networks. Just click the button for the social network you want to use in the bottom menu bar to share your publication there. For more information please refer to this article.

  • To embed your publication into a website, choose the Insert to Site option at the Share window and copy the embedding code.


You can also choose the Embedding Type for your publication: Full Publication or Linkable Page.

  • Full Publication - A full publication is available directly on the page. Readers can turn pages, read the content and enjoy all the features without any redirects.
  • Linkable Page - This option allows readers to open your publications in a lightbox without opening separate tabs in their browsers. This is a convenient option because it keeps your customers on your webpage.


Note! Detailed information on how to embed publications into a website is available here 



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