Embedding publication to WordPress?

Product: FlippingBook Online

You can embed your FlippingBook Online publications in your WordPress pages with just a few simple steps, thanks to our official WordPress plugin.

Note! Before you can start embedding into WordPress, please install the FlippingBook plugin on your WordPress website. You need to install and activate it just once. After that, you can copy and paste the code for embedding directly into the WordPress page editor.

To embed a flipbook into WordPress:

  1. Go to your Flipbooks page.
  2. Hover over the flipbook that you want to embed:
  3. Choose the Embed option. It will open a popup window with options to WordPress and to your website. The default choice is to WordPress.
  4. Copy the code for embedding from the window Embed flipbook to Wordpress. You will later paste it into your WordPress page.

Below we will explain the following questions:

Embedding your flipbook using Wordpress 4.x


In the WordPress admin panel, open the page (or post) where you want to add the flipbook.

In the Visual tab, click on the place on the page where you would like your flipbook to be shown. Then paste the copied embed code:

This will instantly create a preview of the flipbook in the editor.

Press the Publish button to make a post.

Embedding your flipbook using Wordpress 5.0


If you’re using Wordpress starting from the version 5.0 with the new post editor Gutenberg, then the process of embedding becomes a bit different.

  1. In the main editor window, you will see the Add Block button to the left of the main text area. Click on that to open Block menu options:

 2. In order to add the embed code, scroll to the Formatting section, and choose Custom HTML.

3. Paste the embed code in the HTML tab of the block.

4. Publish your page.

Note! Please note that the Preview tab of a block will not work for the embedded flipbooks. You will need to use the Preview button for the whole Wordpress post instead.

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