How to embed into Joomla?

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Note! This article covers the embedding feature and explains how you can make a flipbook look like a part of a webpage on your Joomla site. If you have trouble making it work, feel free to book a meeting with one of our specialists


Embedding a flipping book on Joomla can require more steps than the standard embedding on the other website platforms like Wordpress or Wix.

Note! If you’re using a non-standard Joomla editor, just try to follow our general embedding guide. However, if it’s not working, please proceed with the following instructions.

Not all standard Joomla editors do not process FlippingBook embed code correctly – for instance, our code works perfectly in CodeMirror, but is not supported by TinyMCE. Of course, if your article or post made on Joomla would only consist of a flipbook alone, you can just turn off the editor completely, but usually, a book needs to be complemented with a bit of nicely formatted text, and that’s easier to do so in a WYSIWYG editor.

Note! If you are not an administrator user, the installation and customization options mentioned in this article might be unavailable to you. In that case, please consult with your Joomla administrator.

In this article, we show how to embed an example publication using two custom editors - ARKEditor and RokPad.

Installing and enabling custom editors (ARKEditor or Rokpad) in your Joomla space

Generally, Joomla editors can be found and downloaded from the Joomla Extensions Directory, but here are the direct links to ARKEditor and Rokpad for your convenience:

ARKEditor: (the Free version is more than enough for embedding needs)


Here’s how you proceed after finding the page of the extension you need to install: 

  • Click the download button on the extension’s page to get its installation .zip file.
  • The extension can then be installed in your Joomla Control Panel, in the Extensions section. 
  • Select Extensions -> Manage -> Install option on the top bar:
  • Drag and drop the .zip file with the extension you’ve downloaded from the Directory and wait until the installation is complete:
  • Proceed to System -> Global Configuration section via the same top bar:

  • Change your Default Editor in Site Settings - it will now be used for creating new articles:
  • Click on Save to apply the changes:

Embedding using ARKEditor

If you want to use ARKEditor as your editor of choice and have already selected it as your default editor, then follow these steps to embed your publication:

  1. Access your Joomla Control Panel (the main administrator page) via the top bar:

  1. Select New Article option in the Content section to open the editor:

  1. Open the Publications page in your FlippingBook account and copy the embed code for the publication using the Embed option and then select <> to your website

  1. Paste the embed code in the article body in the Source tab (if you paste it in the Design tab, the embed code will appear as plain text instead of showing the embedded flipbook) and click Save once you’re ready to publish the article:

Embedding using RokPad

If you’ve installed RokPad editor and selected it as a default one, here’s how you can embed a flipbook into your page

  1. Access your Joomla Control Panel via the top bar:

  1. Select New Article option in the Content section:

  1. Open the Publications page in your FlippingBook account and copy the embed code for the publication using the Embed and then selecting <> to your website:

  1. Copy the code in the body of the article:
  2. Save the article:

If you want to check the final result, you can proceed to your Joomla website by clicking the Your Joomla website link in the upper right corner and proceeding to the article:

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