• How do I embed a publication in my website?

When you are ready to deliver your content to your customers you can use one of our convenient options to include your publication in your own website. Embedding your publication allows your customers to view the content of your publication without leaving your webpage. This is especially useful since it’s important to keep your customers on your website. You may either embed a thumbnail preview or the whole interactive publication.

Here’s how it’s done:

First, upload your PDF file to FlippingBook Online. Then, select the desired publication from the list of your publications, click the Share button and choose “Embed into website”.

Then choose “</> to your website”. You may copy the code in the Embed Code field and use it on your webpage to display the publication there.

(For the information on how to embed into Wordpress, please refer to this article)

The +Options link allows you to change the embedding options.


This option embeds a small 250×188 thumbnail of the publication’s cover. Here’s how it’ll look on your page:

You may set the publication to be opened in a pop-up window, or in a new tab using the View Behavior setting.

Interactive publication

This option allows you to embed a fully interactive publication. It will be displayed like this once you’ve embedded in your page:

Using the Size setting under Options allows you to set the desirable scale of the embedded frame. Changing this preference will change the embed code accordingly.

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