• How do I embed a publication in my website?

Embedding your publication allows your customers to view the content of your publication without leaving your webpage. This can be useful when you want to keep your customers on your website. You can either embed a thumbnail preview or the whole interactive publication.

If you want to embed your publication in your website, follow the steps below:


1. Upload your PDF file to FlippingBook Online

2. Select the desired publication from the list of your publications

3.Click on the “Embed” button and choose “</> to your website” to embed your publication to your own website:


4. After that, press the “Copy Code” button

5. Go to your Content Management System to add this code to your HTML page

6. Then, re-publish your page to your server

If you want to embed your publication into Wordpress, please check the article “Embedding publication to your WordPress”.


To change the embedding options and the type of embedding, you should use +Options feature. Here is where you can find it:



As it is shown above, there are two ways to embed your publication into a website:

  • Interactive publication
  • Cover

Let’s check out these examples separately.


This option embeds a small 250×188 thumbnail of the publication’s cover. If you choose Cover, here’s how it’ll look on your page:


You can set the publication to be opened, from clicking the thumbnail, in a pop-up window or new tab. To do this just go to +Options > Cover > View Behaviour and choose the way that you want your publication to open.

Note: If you want to change the size of your cover, it is possible to do this. Just copy the code and change the digits for width and height there. Below, you can find some examples of the embed code that should be modified. The numbers that you should adjust, to change the size of your cover, are marked in red:      a href="https://online.flippingbook.com/view/690985/" class="fbo-embed" data-fbo-lightbox="yes" data-fbo-version="1" data-fbo-width="250px" data-fbo-height="188px" style="max-width: 100%">

Interactive publication

This option allows you to embed a fully interactive publication. It will be displayed like this once you’ve embedded it in your page:


The Size setting, under Options, allows you to set the desirable width and height of the embedded publication. Changing this preference will change the embed code accordingly.

Once you have embedded your publication into your website, make sure it works and that it’s possible to read it. Otherwise, you may need to make the size of the embedded publication bigger.

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