• How can I password protect my FlippingBook Online publications?

If you use FlippingBook Online Advanced or Advanced +, you can password protect your publications to keep unwanted visitors away.

Once you password protect a publication, your readers will only be able to access it if they enter the correct password. Without one, they won’t be able to view your publication.

To set a password for your publication, please, open this page of your account https://flippingbook.com/account/online, hover over the publication you want to password protect, and select Customize:

After that, follow the steps below:

1. Find the section Password and click on it.

2.Choose the option Enabled.

3. Type in your password in the field below.

4. Click on Save at the top.

Note!Your password protected publication won’t be indexed by search engines. If you want it to be indexed, you will need to grant public access to your publication.

Also, please note that even if your publication is protected with a password, its cover, title, and description will still be available to public. Here is what your password protected publication will look like when you open it in a browser:

Note!Although the publication itself won’t be indexed by search engines, the description will be available for search.

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