How to disable downloading and printing of your PDF?

Product: FlippingBook Online

PDF is not a very secure type of content, and it’s easy to steal it. But now you can control the distribution of your PDFs by customizing the bottom menu buttons of your flipbook. You can disable Print, Share and Download buttons and make your flipbook read-only. It will help protect your content from unwanted distribution.

Here are the steps to do it:

  1. Open the list of your flipbooks.
  2. Hover over the flipbook you'd like to change and choose the Customize option from the three-dot button menu:
  3. Click on the Controls group to expand it:

  4. Enable or disable the buttons Share, Print, and Download:

Don't forget to click Finish to save your flipbook!

Note! If you want to protect your content, we advise disabling both printing and downloading. Any document that can be downloaded can be printed. And any document that can be printed can also be printed as a PDF and in this way be downloaded (both macOS and Windows allow this possibility). Disabling downloading but leaving printing possible makes it slightly less obvious but still leaves the possibility to acquire your content as a PDF.

Next Steps

FlippingBook Online Advanced plan allows you to protect your flipbooks with the password.
If you want to learn more about FlippingBook Online features and plans and make your decision, check out the Pricing page.

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