• Introducing HTML5 FlippingBook publications

With FlippingBook Online, you can turn your PDFs into online HTML5 publications. We take great care to make sure that the FlippingBook looks just as good as your PDF - but why use a FlippingBook publication then? First of all, FlippingBook publications look much better than PDFs, with a realistic page-flipping effect, just like when browsing through a real book, accessible on any device: desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Here is how it will look like:

Breakfast ideas!

Also, you don’t have to install any special software to view your publications. Just open the link in any browser and you can enjoy the results. There is no need to download anything, making it an ideal way to distribute your content. And if something changes in your PDF, you can simply update the PDF and everyone will have access to the latest version of your content. No outdated copies that linger around, all your readers will always be up to date.

But there are many other reasons to create FlippingBook publications.

Here is what else you will get with your publications in HTML5 format:


You will get an opportunity to tailor your documents to your business style and needs with a customizable design, brand it in your corporate style, using your logos and corporate colors and  enrich your content with online video.


HTML5 viewer makes it easy to use your publications in marketing campaigns and one-to-one communications as you can easily deliver publication to your customers.

Lead generation

You will also be able to collect leads right within your HTML5 publication. You can set up a lead capture form on any page of your document and get emails and names from viewers who take interest in your content.

Easy navigation around documents

Navigating in a PDF has always been inconvenient: your viewers have to scroll down to find the info they need. HTML5 makes your documents very comfortable to read and surf because you will have Page previews, Table of contents.  Also, you will be able to search your text and add different Notes for yourself.


Do you have any idea how many people opened your PDF, and which pages were of interest to them? Using the industry standard Google Analytics for your HTML5 publications, you will get all the information about visitors, views and events at your fingertips.

Also, in case you don’t want to use Google Analytics and you want to know how many views you have within a certain period of time, how many unique visitors you get, how long your visitors usually spend on any page of your publication you can use our Stats feature.

What technology do you use?

FlippingBook publications only use pure HTML5 technology - HTML5, Javascript, and CSS. We don't use any Flash at all, though in the distant past we have used it. If you have used FlippingBook and created publication before 17th October 2016, then we suggest you to convert your old publications to HTML5 ones you can simply update your PDF. Your publication stays available online with the same URL during the whole process.

Why we recommend to update your publications to HTML5: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and other browsers are gradually stopping to support Flash. From data on our website we see that more than 80 % of our visitors has Flash disabled. It doesn’t mean that it is impossible to open Flash publications but your clients will have to enable Flash manually and it can be inconvenient for them. We recommend updating publications to HTML5 to ensure they work flawlessly.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We’ll answer you right away.

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