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Our popular feature Embedding to WordPress is a great feature that allows you to embed your publications into your WordPress page in just one step. It uses an official FlippingBook plugin for WordPress which makes the whole process very easy.

The advantages of our feature "Publish to WordPress" are:

— quick publishing to a WordPress page

— instant preview of your publication in the WordPress editor


Before you can start embedding into WordPress, please install the FlippingBook plugin on your WordPress website.


To embed a publication into WordPress, start by uploading a new PDF to FlippingBook Online or choose one of your existing publications. Then, hover on the publication and click the option "Embed":

In the new window, option "WordPress" will be chosen by default, and the code for embedding will be provided.

Here you can change the type of the publication: cover or interactive. Also, you can set the behaviour of the publication after clicking on it: open in a separate tab or open in the same tab.

 Embed your publication into a WordPress page

After you have made all the necessary changes to your publication, copy the code for embedding from the window "Insert publication into your website". You will later paste it into your WordPress page.

 In the WordPress admin panel, first click on "Pages" (or "Posts"), depending on where you want to put the publication.

Then, hover your cursor over the title of the page where you want to add the publication.


In the visual tab, paste the code for embedding into the place on the page where you would like your publication to be shown:


This will instantly create a preview of the publication in the editor:



To see the whole web page, click the button "Preview Changes":


You will see your WordPress web page with your embedded FlippingBook publication:

To save your changes, press the "Update" button in the WordPress editor.

You need to install and activate the FlippingBook plugin just once. After that, you can copy and paste the code for embedding directly into the WordPress page editor.


What happens to my publications if my subscription expires?

Any content that you upload to FlippingBook Online is accessible as long as your subscription is active. This means that in the event of your subscription’s cancellation or payment failure, your publications will go offline and stop working when either embedded or accessed directly.

We recommend ensuring that your subscription is active and your payment information is valid. You may check your current subscription status and resume it in your user account.

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