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Showcase your creativity and store digital portfolios as interactive online photo albums. Make yours from a PDF, add custom design, and share it as a gorgeous flipbook via direct link!

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Digital photo album examples for your portfolio

Create photo albums with a page flip effect—portrait portfolios will benefit from our two-page layout and landscape pics from our single flip mode. Or you can make a gorgeous slide show to present each image in your album on a separate slide.

Make an album your viewers will love

y creating your album, lookbook, or portfolio with FlippingBook, you get an interactive HTML5 publication that looks stunning on any screen. Your viewers will love how nice and easy it is to flip through and navigate. You can even set the pages of your album to turn automatically for a seamless viewing experience.

You don’t have to be tech-savvy to make it, you don’t need a website to share it. All that’s required is your cherished photos and a wish to give them the best treatment.

Creating your album, lookbook, or portfolio with FlippingBook

How To Make a Photo Flipbook Online

All you need is a PDF. You can either compile your photos into a stunning PDF in advance or weave them into your photo album using FlippingBook.

Collect your photos into a PDF and upload it to FlippingBook. The PDF will convert into an HTML5 album with high quality images.
Step 1

Collect your photos into a PDF and upload it to FlippingBook. The PDF will convert into an HTML5 album with high quality images.

Brand and customize
Step 2

Use 24 pre-set design options and a vast range of editing tools to make your photo gallery unique. Decide if you want to display your album as a full flipbook, as single pages that flip, or as digital slides.

Step 3

Embed any additional photos right into the page or in a pop-up. Add videos, GIFs, and external links.

Step 4

Once done, copy the direct link to your digital album and share it with your audience! You can also embed the album into your site or share it as a neat QR-code.

Don’t have a ready PDF album?

You can create one in Canva and then send it to FlippingBook Online via our seamless integration. Your design will be converted to a gorgeous flipbook photo album! You can make a PDF from scratch or use one of the templates we’ve selected for you:

FlippingBook and Canva

Go mobile

Interactive photo albums created with FlippingBook are mobile-friendly and work perfectly on any device. It’s a portfolio that’s always in your pocket.

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Go interactive

Add videos

Enhance the visual experience with your photo flipbook.

Insert links

Make it easy to reach you with links to contact details.

Use branding

Put your brand forward with custom URL, logo, and favicon.

Track stats

See who is interested and what pages they've viewed the most.

Our products for your photo albums

Convert your PDF album or portfolio into a stunning flipbook with our browser-based tool or with our software for Windows. Both come with pop-up image galleries and videos so you could make eye-catching digital albums.

FlippingBook is truly powerful.
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  • I want to make a digital photo album with your tool but I don’t have it in PDF format. How do I convert it into a PDF?

    Read a blog post we’ve written, The Best PDF Creating Tools for Non-Designers. There, you can find a list of various PDF-making solutions and choose one based on their price range, complexity, key features, and other qualities.

    Or you can connect FlippingBook to Canva, an easy design tool. You can create a PDF there, send it straight to FlippingBook, and our tool will automatically convert your document into an online flipbook.

  • How do I make a digital photo album with FlippingBook?

    First, upload the PDF of your photo album to FlippingBook—it will convert in 1-2 minutes. Then you can customize your album, work on its design, add interactive features, pop-up and inline images, branding, and more. When your album is ready, share it with your audience—send it via a messenger or email via a link, post it on social media, embed it into a website, or even place its QR code on your business card as a quick way to pitch your digital portfolio.

  • I want to control the distribution of my online photo album. How can I do that?

    You can disable sharing, printing, and downloading options for your album as well as restrict the domains it can be embedded into. Add password protection for even more private sharing. Your photo album is also protected from Google’s prying eye by default but you can change this in settings.

  • Does FlippingBook have a free plan or a trial?

    FlippingBook doesn’t have a free plan but you can try all the features, except for Custom Domains, for free, no credit card required.

  • Will there be third-party ads in my digital photo album?

    No, there won’t be. Your photo albums created via FlippingBook will remain ad-free, always.

  • How many albums can I create with FlippingBook?

    As many as your plan (or edition, if it’s FlippingBook Publisher) allows. Or you can choose to host your albums on your own server—then the number is unlimited.

  • Do I have to be a coder or a designer to use FlippingBook?

    Absolutely not! Our design features, such as a color palette and 24 background skins, will help you make your photo album even more stunning. As for coding, no need for that—FlippingBook is a very user-friendly and easy-to-use photo album converter.

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