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Lead activity tracking made easy

Stop tracking PDF attachments—measure engagement with actual online sales proposals instead. Let your sales team create, share, and track documents with FlippingBook.


How to use FlippingBook in sales

Create trackable online flipbooks yourself or together with your team. Integrate FlippingBook with other tools for more efficient workflows and conversions.


Convert your PDF proposal into an interactive HTML5 flipbook or a slide show. Complete it with your own branding for recognizable, trustworthy content.


Share your document with promising leads via email, messengers, or social networks. You can also embed it into your website or make it accessible via a QR-code.


Receive instant email notifications when a prospect opens your proposal. Nail a timely follow-up for a successful sale!


Track how each lead interacts with your content—find the blind spots in your sales collateral to create more powerful content for future deals.

Win over your leads with show-stopping sales materials

This is what your PDF proposal may look like when converted to an interactive online document with FlippingBook.

Create your own

Trackable sales proposals

Create and email multiple links to the same proposal and see how each lead interacts with it. Real-time open notifications and stats on recipient actions will help your sales team qualify leads for timely follow-ups and efficient sales. And if you want to send exclusive offers to your leads, make sure the link is only available for a limited time.

Trackable sales proposals

Multi-channel prospect tracking

You can learn how prospects engage with the content you publish online. Track the lead journey from your site or social media directly to your sales proposal or catalog, and see which channel works best for customer acquisition.

Multi-channel prospect tracking

Convenient sales tool for your team

FlippingBook works well for sales teams: each rep has access to shared folders, flipbooks, and custom domains while also managing their proposals and catalogs in a private workspace. Open notifications land in their own inbox, so they can start tracking lead engagement right away and make successful sales.

Convenient sales tool for your team

Reinforce your sales team with FlippingBook

Give the best tools to your sales team for more effective proposal sharing, stronger lead tracking and engagement.

Lead capture form

Lead capture form

It's easy to turn your digital proposals into effective sales strategy documents. With our built-in lead capture form, your sales team will be able to collect leads right within your proposals and track prospect activity.

Zapier integration

Zapier integration

Set up a smooth sales process from start to finish. Integrate FlippingBook with Zapier to create sales proposals automatically, deliver leads to your CRM for faster lead engagement tracking, and more.

Powerful branding

Powerful branding

Make sure your leads know it's your sales proposal that they’re reading—unique background, your company's logo, and custom link to your flipbook will keep leads engaged and make customer acquisition easier.

FlippingBook makes my B2B sales communication much more efficient.
Roman Ripa Business Development Manager at Jansen Display Digital
creates sales catalogs with FlippingBook

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