• Why renew Support & Updates?

When you buy a FlippingBook Publisher Perpetual license, you can use the software forever, as long as you host the publications on your own server. No catch.

But we offer a service for Support and Updates. This service is free for the first year, but after that you will have to renew it to continue to take advantage of these services. Why do we recommend this:

Get new features and other improvements

We release 3-4 major updates a year. «Major» means there are new features and important workflow improvements like bug fixes, optimization of conversion speed and quality, and streamlining the software itself. But most important are the new features that we add. Some examples of things we added since december 2016:

  • The page flipping effect has been added to the mobile version.
  • We replaced ‘image based text’ with ‘vector-based text’ for crystal clear text on any device, on any zoom level.
  • We gave your readers the option to add personal Notes to your publications.
  • We added the option to create ‘offline’ publications, useable without internet connection.
  • We made our publications compatible with the European privacy legislation GDPR.
  • The publication interface is automatically translated into the browser’s language (for 17 common languages).
  • We added options to embed animated Gifs and online videos directly into your pages.
  • Design options for custom colors for text on panels, buttons and the preloader screen.


Compatibility with all browsers and devices

Using a recent version is also important to keep your publications compatible with the latest browsers and devices.

If Google or Apple change something drastically and your publications go out of date, the first people to notice it will be your clients. They simply won’t see your documents or see them with glitches. Regular updates help you prevent that. Some of these compatibility issues can only be solved with a newer software version. So, as much as we’d love to help you, sometimes the only way out is the software update.


Our Support is at your service!

Full support for all your questions and assistance with technical problems. If you encounter any issues, our support team will do what they can to solve them as quickly as possible. First line support is available around the clock, and second line support during European business hours. We even have a Customer Success Manager who will be happy to assist you in getting full value out of our products and how to best meet your goals.

Without Support and Updates, you will only receive limited support. This means that we will help you with any problems related to: starting the software, importing a basic PDF, and generating the files to create the publication so you can upload them. But for any further assistance, you will have to rely on our Help Center.


Host On FlippingBook Cloud

Support and updates also allows you to store 3 publications on FlippingBook Cloud at the same time. A great solution if you just have a few documents to publish at the same time as hosting with us gives some advantages. If you use this service, then you’ll need to renew your Support & Updates to prevent your publications from going offline.



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