Why renew Support & Updates?

When you buy a FlippingBook Publisher license, you can use the software to host the publications on your own server without making additional payments. 

But we offer a service for Support & Updates. This service is free for the first year. After that, you will have to renew it to continue to take advantage of these services. In this article, we describe the benefits of renewing Support & Updates.

Get new features and other improvements

We release 3-4 major updates a year. These updates include new features and important improvements like bug fixes, security updates, and optimization of conversion speed and quality. Some examples of things we added since June 2018:

Compatibility with all browsers and devices

Using a recent version is also important to keep your publications compatible with the latest browsers and devices.

If Google or Apple change something in their browsers or operating systems that affects your publications then the first people to notice it will be your clients. They simply won’t see your documents or see them with glitches. Updating your FlippingBook Publisher regularly fixes that or even prevents it from happening at all. 

Our support team is at your service!

If you encounter any issues, our support team will do what they can to solve them as quickly as possible. First-line support is available around the clock and second-line support during European business hours. We will also be happy to advise you on how to get full value out of our products and how to best meet your goals.

Without Support and Updates, you will only receive limited support. This means that we will provide you with a working copy of the software, and help solve the problems related to your license to some extent. For any further assistance, you will have to rely on our Help Center articles.

Host on FlippingBook Cloud

Our Support & Updates service allows you to store 3 publications on FlippingBook Cloud at the same time. A great solution if you just have a few documents to publish at the same time as hosting with us has several advantages. If you use this service, then you’ll need to renew your Support & Updates to prevent your flipbooks from going offline.

How to renew Support & Updates?

You can renew your Support and updates in your online account.

Simply click the Renew button and choose for how long you want to renew:

  • Auto-renew: renews your Support and Updates for 1 year. It will automatically be renewed again upon expiration next year. This also fixates the renewal price, meaning that you are not affected by any price increases.
  • 1 year: no future charges, but (about) ~10% more expensive than Auto-renew.
  • 2 years (15% off): no future charges, 15% cheaper than two renewals for 1 year. 


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