• Why should I update to the newest version of FlippingBook Publisher?

Our experience shows that publications should be renewed with the latest version of the software not less than once every 6 months. Let’s look at why this is important for your business.

The world is changing rapidly – formats change, browsers upgrade, new devices and operating systems appear. FlippingBook’s “perfect look guarantee” only applies at the moment you publish an issue. The more time that passes since publishing, the greater the risk that some viewers may have some technical problems while opening and browsing through the publication. Nowadays, with new mobile devices appearing on a seemingly daily basis, it is easy to lose or not reach important audiences. For this reason, FlippingBook software developers are constantly monitoring announcements and release updates from all relevant software producers.

How it works

Publish a project means that all pages are converted to several formats so that they look perfect on any browser, computer, tablet or smartphone. FlippingBook Publisher unites these formats (we call them “publication versions”) in one system that automatically detects the viewer’s device, browser and other relevant technical information to display the appropriate version of the publication. It gives our software users assurance that each of their clients or business partners will not have any technical issues with opening and reading the publication on any device. In addition, this technology provides the possibility of faster content opening because the viewer only downloads device-specific data rather than the full range of publication versions.


Publications created and published with older software versions aren’t automatically renewed when a new software update is installed to your computer. Therefore, to avoid the risk described above we recommend that you update the software and re-publish all your popular publications.

The most recent examples of technical environment changes are:

  • Publications created with versions before 2.5.22 (2/3/2014) are not fully compatible with the new Adobe Flash Player 12.0;
  • Publications created with versions before 2.5.19 (12/12/2013) are not fully compatible with the new iPhone 5s/5c, iPad Air, iPad mini with Retina display;
  • Publications created with versions before 2.4.50 (9/30/2013) are opened on iOS 7 iPhones and iPads with bugs;
  • Publications created with versions before 2.4.46 (9/4/2013) are opened on Android 4.2.x mobile devices with bugs;
  • Publications created with versions before 2.4.3 (10/26/2012) are opened on iPhone 5 with bugs;
  • Publications created with versions before 2.3.17 (8/24/2012) don’t open in Flash Player 11.4 and higher.

Another great reason to upgrade FlippingBook Publisher is to receive additional functions and improvements that are constantly introduced to the software. These enhancements are introduced in response to the most popular user requirements and to keep up to date with the latest trends in modern digital publishing and web design.

Release Notes contain descriptions of all the updates released since the first version of the software went live.

If you wish to receive further updates of FlippingBook Publisher, please make sure your Subscription to FlippingBook services is active. Learn how to renew your Subscription to FlippingBook Publisher Services.

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