FlippingBook lets you show your documents to people no matter what computer or smartphone they use. The documents will look neat, open fast and can be viewed in any browser on the spot, without the help of third-party apps or readers.

Digital Document Online Demonstrations

FlippingBook helps you to create and distribute online documents, presentations, and charts - fast and without any special knowledge. Online presentations that don’t need downloading and can be accessed on any device, will speed up your communications with website visitors, customers and business partners.

Here’s a short list of benefits FlippingBook will bring to you and your readers:

  • No compatibility problems. Your presentations will open on any screen, and when a new browser version comes out, you can update your documents with a couple of clicks. What’s greater, the documents look the same on a variety of devices, creating a professional and consistent look of your content throughout the web.
  • No need for third-party hosting or worrying about file size. Instead of attaching a PDF to an email, you can just send the link to the flippinbook - people will open it without any problem and get quick access to any page of the document on the spot.
  • FlippingBook privacy settings and publication security tools let you exchange internal e-documents without the risk of leaking information.

Publishing digital documents with FlippingBook is a simple, modern way to exchange information.