• Uploading your publications to FlippingBook Cloud

FlippingBook Publisher lets you upload your publications to the web in just a few clicks. After purchasing FlippingBook Publisher, you automatically receive a Standard Subscription, which includes FlippingBook Cloud, an online service designed for storing digital publications.

A publication uploaded to FlippingBook Cloud can be easily embedded into a website, blog or social network page as quickly as a YouTube video.

Learn more about the advantages of using FlippingBook Cloud in our article “7 Reasons to host your publication on FlippingBook Cloud.”

How to upload your publications to FlippingBook Cloud?

To upload a publication to FlippingBook Cloud, just do the following:

1. Open your project file, or import your PDF to create a new one.

2. Once your project is ready, click on the "Upload" button at the top of Publisher, and choose the "FlippingBook Cloud..." option:

Password protection is available only in Publisher Business.

Note!You will be able to specify settings like publication name, description in General tab. We describe how to do it in our article Changing the publication's interface

3. After that, click on the “Start” button to upload your publication to Cloud.

Immediately after the uploading process, you can share the publication link with colleagues, clients or business partners. 

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