About FlippingBook

FlippingBook is one of the world’s leading digital publishing software. We create products that help businesses get more from their digital content by making it accessible, comfortable to read, and interactive.

Founded in 2004, FlippingBook has more than a decade of experience in building professional software. Our products have come a long way from HTML components for software developers to simple and powerful solutions that anyone on your team can use.

More than 50,000 customers across the globe trust FlippingBook with their digital documents. FlippingBook works best for such industries as Manufacturing, Education, Healthcare, Real Estate, Publishing, Advertising, Wholesale, Retail, Media, and Professional Services.

About FlippingBook Products

What we do is actually simple: we create software that converts PDFs into interactive HTML5 publications and hosts these publications online. As a result, you get beautiful online documents with a page flip effect. They work right in your browser, look good on any device, and are easy to send via email or embed into a website.

We have two main products: FlippingBook Online, a browser-based service, and FlippingBook Publisher, powerful desktop software for Windows.

FlippingBook Publisher was launched in 2011, and we’ve been constantly developing and improving it since. Product updates come out once every 1-2 months and always bring new features, enhancements, and compatibility improvements with the latest devices and platforms.

FlippingBook Online was launched in 2016. Though much younger than FlippingBook Publisher, it has won over thousands of clients and has unique features like built-in lead generation and document tracking. Such features make the product an irreplaceable tool for marketing, sales, and HR teams.

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