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Deliver an excellent viewing experience

FlippingBook Online is an online publishing tool that turns your PDF file into a powerful HTML5 document. Your document opens anywhere with ease and its neat, professional look makes your visitors pay attention.

Deliver an excellent viewing experience

Support your marketing

Generate more leads
Measure performances
Boost SEO

Customize and brand it

PDFs typically open on a dull grey background, giving your document a raw and unprofessional feel. FlippingBook documents can be customized to fit the branding of your choice from top to bottom.

Customize and brand it

Show and share

FlippingBook hosts your online documents for you in one convenient place. Any time you need to share your catalog or brochure, simply send the link.

Send a link to the whole document

Send a link to the document

Forget about heavy email attachments—send documents with one click.

Embed seamlessly into a website

Embed into a website

Show documents in the context of your website: beautiful and eye-catching.

Send a link to a specific page

Send a link to a page

Point people to important info first by sending a specific document page.

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