What’s a flipbook?

It’s an online HTML5 document which looks like a real-life publication. It’s interactive, branded, easy to share as a direct link and to analyze. And unlike building a website, it is really easy to create. All you need is to publish your PDF via FlippingBook Online—and your document is ready!

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How to publish a PDF online with FlippingBook

Use FlippingBook Online as your personal publishing platform to convert a plain PDF into a stunning, lifelike online flipbook in just a few clicks.

  1. Upload your ready PDF into FlippingBook Online, and the tool will convert it into a digital flipbook within a few moments.

    Upload PDF
  2. Customize and brand your flipbook: add a clickable logo leading to your site, set a unique background for your flipbook, get a custom direct link.

    Customize flipbook
  3. Share your flipbook with your audience: send them a direct link to the content, or embed it into your website.

    Share flipbook
  4. Measure content engagement with document analytics: track the number of views and visitors, the most engaging pages, outbound clicks, and more.

    Track flipbook

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Take your content beyond plain PDFs

Beautiful, interactive, and readable on any screen—your content will win your readers’ hearts at first sight. And it’s more than just engaging. FlippingBook Online publishing service offers a set of powerful features to turn your PDFs into indispensable sales and marketing resources.

  • Easy sharing

    Easy sharing

    Email your PDFs as direct links, post on social media, or embed into a website—the choice is yours.

  • Interactivity


    Add videos, GIFs, surveys, and pop-up images to bring your content to life and create more engaging stories.
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  • Branding


    Make your PDF documents a part of your brand with your color palette, clickable logo and a custom link.

  • Lead generation

    Lead generation

    Embed a lead capture form into any page to collect your readers’ contact details.

  • Content protection

    Content protection

    Keep your PDFs secure with password and several levels of sharing control.

  • Tracking


    Measure your content performance with advanced content and user analytics.

  • Comfortable navigation

    Comfortable navigation

    Find the info you need in seconds with a clickable table of contents, text search, and thumbnails.

  • Integrations


    Connect FlippingBook Online publishing service with your CRM and other tools you use via Zapier.

  • One-click updates

    One-click updates

    Keep your content fresh just by reuploading your PDF. No need to re-send any links by hand.

  • Unrivaled reading experience

    Conversion of PDFs into hardbound books is fantastic. The moment it comes on the screen, you feel like you’re actually reading a book.
    Niket Karajagi Niket Karajagi

    Atyaasaa Consulting

  • Powerful branding

    We customize our Welcome Packages to give them a great corporate look with each customer’s logo and unique background.
    Sara Brisky Sara Brisky

    Marketing Manager
    APi NSG

  • Engaging, interactive flipbooks

    We interlink featured stories and releases in each report to keep investors engaged throughout with the content they want to read.
    Lina Lintemuth Lina Lintemuth

    Digital Marketing Coordinator
    The Right Place

  • Effortless lead generation

    With FlippingBook as a content and lead generation tool, our conversion rate to meetings is three times higher than before.
    Alex Teoh Alex Teoh

    Client Success Director

  • Strong sales tool

    Our catalogs look incredible on any device, so we reach clients easier on phones and tablets by sending them a direct link.
    Eduardo Nunez Eduardo Nunez

    Textile Division Director

  • Content performance analytics

    We frequently review which pages get the most traffic. Then we optimise the content to increase the CTR to our site.
    Joshua Liebmann Joshua Liebmann

    Head of Brand and Design

The authentic reading experience online

With FlippingBook Online, you can publish PDFs online as unrivaled online flipbooks. The reading experience will amaze your audience: each flipbook looks just like a print copy, but in a browser! It comes with page thickness, realistic page flip effect, natural shadows—as well as cool digital perks like text selection, automatic page turning, links, GIFs, and videos!

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